Summer Wedding Dress Inspiration

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Summer Wedding Dress Inspiration

One battle every bride will fight when opting to host a summer wedding, is finding a stunning dress that won’t reduce them to a puddle of sweat. To avoid the risk of overheating, and to allow you to move about freely, every bride should factor the weather and the venue into their decision. While we can’t list every summer wedding dress trend and style of 2019, we have compiled a handful to get you inspired. Keep reading to learn about some popular designs that might suit your needs and preferences.


Off the Shoulder

For brides who plan on rocking an updo, off the shoulder dresses elongate the neck while lending a romantic look. This combination will prevent that frustrating sweat that forms at the baby hairs of your neck, as well as keep the weight of the dress from tugging at your shoulders. You will be more comfortable, meaning your posture will improve – for better pictures of course!


Cover Ups and Capes

In case the day of your wedding is overcast or calls for rain, consider adding a cover up or cape to your ensemble. Alternatively, a removable bolero or topper may pair better. Either option will allow for an easy change of attire depending on your mood or the weather. These pieces are most often made of a material that matches the color of your dress, such as lace, or a sheer mesh with embellishments.


Open, Portrait & Cut-Out Backs

Every woman wants to feel a tad bit sexy in her wedding dress. Luckily, this can be accomplished without putting a full leg out in the open – unless you prefer to that is.  An open, portrait or cut-out back can have the same effect, without being so risque as to shock your elderly or conservative guests. Plus, you will be able to catch a nice breeze!


Sleek and Simple

Some people attribute this trend to the recent uptick in royal weddings, and either way, we love it! For the women who are not into bling or lace, a classic figure fitting gown made of silk or satin is gorgeous. This style elongates the body and emphasizes a woman’s natural shape, so your groom-to-be won’t be able to tear his eyes away.


Fancy Sleeves

Sleeves on wedding dresses are all up to personal preference, but you may consider them more now that so many styles are available. There is the old fashioned lace, a modern three quarter length silk, a sheer mesh with embroidery or appliques, dramatic bell sleeves, and so many more. Whether your dress has elaborate beadwork or is plain, a fancy sleeve can pair perfectly.


Tea Length

At a time when wedding shoes are as important and as expensive as the dress itself, there is no reason to cover your toes. Tea length dresses can be much more comfortable for brides who want to move about freely, and will help you keep cool during an outdoor ceremony or reception. For brides who love a vintage or pin-up look, this style will be your cup of tea!

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