The 2021 Color Trends We’re Swooning Over

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The 2021 Color Trends We’re Swooning Over

As 2021 nears, couple’s planning their weddings for the near future will need to consider a color scheme. It is one of the first tasks to complete, before you can start ordering decor, bridesmaid dresses, and more! To help inspire you, check out some of the top 2021 wedding colors.



A dark green with a yellow tint, moss is a beautiful color for a minimalistic themed wedding. Pair it with white for a clean modern look, and add a touch of gold for elegance. It also works well with other deep shades, including claret or burgundy for winter or a sapphire blue for summer. Moss has become more popular for a bridesmaid dress color over recent years, as it compliments every skin tone.


Slate Blue

Slate blue has been a trendy choice for several years now and it’s still going strong. This color is surprisingly versatile, although often used from spring through summer. It can be paired with other shades of blue for a chic mismatched bridal party line up, or create a more colorful palette by adding a blush pink and rosewood. If you prefer a simple scheme, stick to slate blue, white, and metallic silver.



A stunning color for fall, rust is both unique and beautiful. This warm terracotta inspired color can be paired with cream, brown, and even black. It is especially popular for alternative or retro-themed weddings. Should you choose to feature the color rust, have some fun playing with other natural textures and colors. For example, dried florals, macrame, and wood or industrial elements.


Sage Green

Sage green is a grey-green that resembles a sage plant. Complimentary colors include taupe and white, a terracotta, as well as some shades of purple, orange, and blue. Sage is frequently used for spring weddings and paired with bright colors for a chic look. However, it can be used with deeper colors during cooler seasons. Sage green is currently picking up in popularity for bridesmaid dresses. 



A classic, wine is a dark shade of red. Frequently paired with both dark and light blues, it makes for a truly timeless wedding color palette. Wine is versatile, not to mention it is a color that looks stunning on everyone. For the spring and summer, pair it with blush and fresh greenery. For the fall, a mustard and teal. And for winter, perhaps a deep plum and white with silver accents.



When we say neutrals, we mean beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and shades of white. These colors can have different undertones however, such as pink, gold, and so on. Neutrals have been super trendy as of late, since they lend a timeless and elegant look. Our favorite combinations include peach, cream, and beige for spring. And for the fall, copper, black, and brown.


At Pine Lake Ranch, we can’t wait to see these top 2021 wedding colors in action! We just know that they will look stunning at our rustic yet elegant venue. Contact us today to book a tour and see how your color palette will look, or let us know if you have any questions or concerns!