The Answers to All of Your Engagement Ring Questions

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The Answers to All of Your Engagement Ring Questions

In the wake of your recent engagement, you may have a few questions about the new bling perched on your ring finger. No worries, some questions and concerns are completely normal! After all, modern engagement rings cost a pretty penny and are of great sentimental value. To help you out, we’re answering some of the most common engagement ring questions.


Q: “What if I don’t like the ring?”

A: You said “Yes” and that is what truly matters. Although, it can be extremely difficult to overlook a ring that doesn’t quite suit your personal style or align with your preferences. The reality is that a significant number of people will face this problem, so you are not alone. Here is how we recommend you handle the situation. First, give it a few days or weeks. First impressions can be misleading and you may come to love the ring, especially as the reality of the occasion sinks in. If time passes and you are still unhappy, be candid with your fiance, as well as kind. They may have spent ample time and money on this ring, or it may be an heirloom that was passed down. Broaching the subject poorly can start the two of you down a rocky road, and during what should be a happy milestone. Discuss the variety of options you would consider, from a return, to an exchange and modifications – all of which you should perform as a couple.


A touchy subject that should not come into the conversation: the size of the stone. What a center stone really comes down to is money, and by zeroing in on this element of the ring you are prioritizing material goods. You should cherish the ring for what it symbolizes, not the price tag or the social status it lends.


Q: “Do I have to get ring insurance?”

A: Well, no. You don’t have to do anything. Should you? Probably. This questions will primarily depend on the value of the ring. If you feel that you can afford to cover the cost yourself in the event that it is damaged, lost or stolen, then maybe not. If you can not afford to do so then jewelry insurance can help. Alternatively, some retailers include insurance with the purchase. In this case, use your best judgement as to whether it is worthwhile. We recommend doing some research and getting a few quotes before making a definitive decision.


Q: “Can I use my engagement ring as my wedding ring?”

A: Of course! This decision is a completely personal one to be determined by you and your fiance. People choose whether or not to have a wedding ring for all kinds of different reasons. Some prefer it as it is traditional, others find it to be outdated or unnecessary. Others believe that it will detract from their engagement ring, or they simply would never wear both. Any reason is valid. If the decision however comes down to a limited budget, consider getting a wedding ring at a future date, perhaps to mark a special anniversary or another life milestone. 


Q: “My engagement ring doesn’t fit! What do I do?”

A: In the event that your engagement ring doesn’t fit, you will first want to keep it safe. If it is too small, you can put it on your pinky or wear it on a necklace. If it is too big, try to move it to your middle finger for the time being. You don’t want such a valuable item to get lost! At a later date you will have to visit a jeweler to get your ring finger sized and have the ring resized accordingly. Depending on the purchase contract, your original jeweler may perform the resize for free, while others may charge a fee.


Q: “How do I keep my engagement ring safe?”

A: We completely understand the worry you may feel in regards to the safety and the maintenance of your engagement ring. To start, know when to take it off. If your job is very hands on or you intend to perform a recreational sport, you might remove it. Rings can in fact chip and center stones can be knocked out! We recommend getting a rubber ring to wear in the meantime. In terms of maintenance, your ring should be cleaned on a regular basis. You can perform this at home or visit a jeweler. If you clean your ring at home be very careful about the materials and chemicals you use, as they can do more damage than good. If you are unsure at all, play it safe and go to the jeweler anyways.


That’s it! We hope we were able to answer your engagement ring questions and, hopefully, lessen a few of your concerns. If you are recently engaged be sure to share a picture with us! And if you are on the hunt for a gorgeous outdoor wedding venue in Houston, Texas, book a tour of our breathtaking property. We hope to hear from you soon & congrats on your engagement!