The Best Bridal Shoes for An Outdoor Wedding Venue

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The Best Bridal Shoes for An Outdoor Wedding Venue

Pumps and high heels are a popular choice amongst both brides and bridesmaids for a wedding. Unfortunately, they aren’t a realistic choice should you plan to host your event at an outdoor venue. That is unless you don’t mind getting stuck in the grass and dragging some mud clods around. We didn’t think so! To ensure you make a confident decision, here are the best bridal shoes for an outdoor wedding venue.




Wedges have been making a comeback amongst bridal parties in recent years. At outdoor venues, they will lend height similar to a pump, yet more surface area for better ankle support. Long gone are the clunky styles, replaced by sleek and flattering designs. Now you can find options featuring beautiful textures, like jute and linen, and stylish neutral colors. 




One of the last choices amongst women, don’t sleep on flats. They remain the most comfortable option and are more stylish than ever before. There are dainty flats with sheer details and thin straps. Those with embellishments and beautiful embroidery. An especially common style are those with a flattering and feminine pointed toe. 


Chunky Heels


If you don’t like the bulkiness of a wedge, go with a chunky heel. This style has a similar surface area, equal height yet is a more classic style. They are also made in more colors, should you prefer a less traditional look. Our favorite detail however has to be the heels, which can feature all sorts of materials. From sequins to velvet, or a wood-inspired color and pattern.




Mules are in and we’re here for it. What is a mule? It is similar to a flat or slide, but it does not have a constraint around the heel. They often have a pointed or slim toe box, for a more delicate and feminine look. You can also find designs with a small chunky heel, for a little bit of height. From there style range from simple to textured, or heavily embellished.




For a more casual wedding look, we recommend a fun pair of sneakers! Sneakers come in all kinds of colors and styles, whether you want something more toned down or luxe. For the bride, there are also solid white options. If you want a little height you can also grab a pair of platform sneakers, with an extra-tall sole for a super trendy look.




Sandals aren’t a common choice but they’re a good option for a casual event. A lot of brides make the mistake of assuming that sandals only come in a beachwear style. But plenty of designs are sleek, feminine, and beautifully embellished to match a wedding dress. Even if you don’t wear sandals for the ceremony, you can always pack a pair for the reception.


At Pine Lake Ranch we say wear what makes you happy! Whether it’s a pair of black platform sneakers or a classic nude pump. We love seeing each and every one of our brides and bridesmaid’s unique styles.