The Best Photographic Wedding Exits

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The Best Photographic Wedding Exits

The best way to end your wedding night is on a high note! Get your guests on their feet one last time for the night by getting them involved in your grand exit. Get inspired by some of the most creative and photographic wedding exits.



One of the most popular wedding send offs, bubbles are a fun and nostalgic way to end the night. If your grand exit will take place at night, ask your photographer to set up a flash behind the two of you. It will make the bubbles pop and showcase all of the colors in the suds, plus it’s easy clean up!. This exit would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.



Sparklers are a great way to light up your wedding night. Create an aisle way of your guests to walk through on the way to your getaway car. To keep your guests comfortable, try and opt for smokeless sparklers with long stems to grip. Sparklers are great year round, whether it is a warm summer night or a cold winter evening.


Glow Sticks

A safer alternative to sparklers, glow sticks pack the same punch plus some color. They will also be a favorite if you plan to have kids in attendance. You can gift these to your guests earlier in the night so that they can use them on the dance floor, which makes for great pictures!. Glow sticks are a fun choice for both an outdoor or indoor event.


Rose Petals

A natural confetti, rose petals are a perfect way to end a spring or summer garden wedding, or an early morning brunch wedding. You can opt for one color or mix them all together if your event was more whimsical. Plus this option doesn’t require any cleanup! [inspiration


Ribbon Wands

Ribbons are another option that kids will love, who doesn’t enjoy twirling ribbons through the air? Perfect for a warm weather wedding, ribbons are easy to use and come in an assortment of colors. They would be beautiful for an ethereal wooded wedding, or a chic spring wedding.


Pom Poms

A unique idea, pom poms are ideal for the couple who are well known to be sports fans. You could opt for an assortment of colors so that people can choose according to their team, or go with your personal favorite. It is also a great idea for the couple who met at school, whether it was high school or college. 


At Pine Lake Ranch we have been lucky enough to witness all kinds of creative wedding send offs! Part of getting the perfect photograph at this moment is making sure you have chosen a beautiful backdrop. Whether that is our renovated reception barn or our string lit coral is up to you. To learn more about our venue, book a tour or contact us with any questions!