The Perks of an Outdoor Summer Wedding

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The Perks of an Outdoor Summer Wedding

During the summer, the days are long and hot ‒ especially in Texas. Despite this common concern, hosting a wedding during the summer has its advantages. Managing the heat is a problem with a simple solution that, once solved, will allow you to reap the rewards of the sweet summertime. Consider the following perks of this popular season, and how they may align with your dream wedding day.


More Guests Can Attend

Given proper notice, guests have a higher chance of being able to attend a summer wedding. There are less conflicts happening, whether it be school or work, and are rarely any travel hindrances. Make sure when selecting a specific date, you factor these two schedules into your decision. Many children, and therefore their parents, have their hands tied up with school and related functions. Try to pick a day somewhere in the middle of summer, rather than late spring or early fall.


Natural Décor

Are you someone who relishes in the lush forests and vibrant flowers, that are revived during the summer? Make the most of this natural décor by incorporating it into you wedding theme. A thick forest or calm lake is a beautiful backdrop, especially when you are framed beneath a flower covered arch. You might also use seasonal blooms for boutonnieres, bouquets and centerpieces. There are a handful of ways you can take the gifts of summer, and create simple, yet elegant wedding decorations. We always recommend you check out Pinterest, to get inspired by other couples and industry professionals.


Creative Receptions

A key element to any reception, is having enough activities to entertain a variety of guests. Unlike other seasons, having consistent weather means that you can take advantage of an outdoor space. Prepare a bonfire with seating, for guests to socialize and toast the childhood favorite, s’mores. Set up Cornhole boards, giant yard Jenga, or horseshoes for some friendly competition. Any similar designated social areas and games will help make conversation easier between new acquaintances, and help prevent guests from remaining seated for too long.


Summer Nights

There is nothing quite like a summer night. It starts with a breathtaking sunset, featuring beautiful colors. Then, as the sky darkens, stars and constellations shed light onto the party below. You will enjoy the unique sights and sounds of a summer evening, including the croak of frogs, cricket songs and fireflies. And as you take it all in, you nor your guests will have to worry about bundling up. The warmth of the day will carry over into the evening, so that you can dance the night away without interruption.


Consistent Weather

Do you consider rain on your wedding day a disaster? If so, a summer wedding significantly decreases the chance that you will encounter any unexpected weather. Sure, the heat can be a little uncomfortable, but it won’t compromise your photographs or attire. Research the average high and low temperature on the dates that you are considering. You will likely notice that they are very similar, including the average precipitation. If you want to go back even further, check out annual weather patterns. This will help you narrow down a date, and calm your nerves.

Pine Lake Ranch wants to help you beat the summer heat. We are excited to offer our couples the option of renting two, brand new cooling systems for the duration of your outdoor ceremony. And to make your summer sweeter, we have a Summer Savings special available for couples who book a date in June, July and August of 2019. Learn about other rental options available in our customizable wedding packages, or contact us to book a date.