The Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2019


The Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2019

Following your wedding day, it is finally time for the long awaited honeymoon. Wedding planning is a stressful job, and a relaxing getaway is well deserved. While the whole wide world is available to contemplate, we have compiled a tiny handful of popular honeymoon destinations. Not only are they newlywed approved, but will suit a variety of travel tastes. If none of these are enticing enough, we hope they will spark some inspiration for your own research.



A popular paradise, Bora Bora in French Polynesia is a tranquil and secluded location, ideal for some alone time and relaxation. There are a number of top rated resorts to choose from, most of which feature the surrounding turquoise lagoons. You will appreciate the modern touches of luxury, such as overwater bungalows, open-air rooms and infinity pools. For entertainment, many resorts include spas, horseback riding, and other activities.



Just because you haven’t heard of Rovinj, Croatia, doesn’t mean it isn’t an ideal honeymoon destination. The brightly colored houses of Rovinj are situated on the Istrian Peninsula west shore, and are said to appear similar to those located in Venice. This destination features beautiful mountains and channels, historic landmarks, and an uninhabited island. Despite all of this, the active fishing village remains affordable, with modern housing and fantastic dining options.



If it’s a beach you are looking for, check out Koh Tao, Thailand. Also known as Turtle Island, this beautiful location is ideal from December to February. The waters are calm, skies are clear, and the weather is comfortable. At this destination you will be able to enjoy unbeatable sunsets, visit a number of islands and beaches, and bike tour. At the end of each night, you will enjoy delectable food in a romantic, candle lit setting.



Beaches and pools aren’t for everyone, some of us like a little exploration. The Southeast Asian country, Myanmar, offers visitors a unique experience that doesn’t revolve around the beach. At this location, you can tour temples and monuments. The colorful city and culture is best viewed by foot or motorbike, although you must dress conservatively – due to a largely Buddhist community. And at the end of the day, you can still relax in modern, luxurious resorts, all at a fantastic price.



Some people can’t stand to sit still, and to those people we recommend Iceland. If you enjoy scenic views, hiking, and hot springs, this destination will keep you on your toes. Adequate time is required to pack all of the adventure in, and road-tripping is ideal if possible. There are a number of conveniently located cities with day trips, and lavish hotels to kick back after all is said and done. You will feast your eyes on the Northern Lights (from September to March), and treat your stomach to fresh, local food.

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