Things To Know When Planning a Spring Wedding

Things To Know When Planning a Spring Wedding

Spring weddings have us buzzing with excitement! However, there are several factors for brides and grooms to consider when choosing to host their nuptials in the springtime. Keep reading for perks of this popular wedding season, as well as tips on how to handle the less than favorable aspects.


May Flowers

Some of the most beautiful flowers bloom in the spring, which means you will have a healthy variety to choose from. During other seasons, couples may experience higher prices to obtain out-of-season favorites or have limited options. Don’t forget to consider local wildflowers and greenery!


April Showers

Rain isn’t the end of the world, but on your wedding day it can feel like it. Unpredictable weather has to be planned for during the springtime, when the sky can go from clear to cloudy in minutes. Have an alternative set up, indoors if available, in the event that poor conditions arise. Make sure a handful of family or friends know the plan and can help direct guests. You might also keep umbrellas handy for guests to grab.


Buzzing Bees

Alongside beautiful blooms and flourishing plants comes buzzing bees and other insects. While some are less bothersome than others, they still aren’t the most welcome wedding guests. Help your guests stay comfortable by providing bug spray and setting up a few citronella candles. 


Spring Colors

With so many plants blooming, the springtime is known for being a colorful season. This also makes it the perfect time of year to host a wedding with a colorful palette. This spring you can expect to see palettes featuring soft pastels, rich jewel-tones, sunset-inspired hues, and dash of metallics.


Rising Prices, Fewer Dates

If you have been considering wedding dates for long enough, you may notice that venue and vendor rates begin to rise around the spring. This is for a number of reasons, one of which is the improved weather. Additionally, available dates may become limited. If you plan on having a spring wedding you may have to book your date well in advance and fork over some extra dough.


Climbing Temperatures

Depending on your location, the spring season often brings mild temperatures. The potential of a cloudless day and a cool breeze makes brides and grooms eager to celebrate their wedding in the lush outdoors. If you prefer summer vibes to the fall, but aren’t keen on the unbearable summer heat waves, spring is the perfect inbetween.


Flexible Hours

With longer daytime hours, the spring offers couples’ a wider time slot in which to host their event. If you want to mix things up consider a brunch wedding, with the ceremony starting as early as 10 a.m. If you plan on letting the party run late, you will have more hours than you would during the fall or winter to enjoy the outdoors.


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