This Year’s Trending Groomsmen Gifts

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This Year’s Trending Groomsmen Gifts

After outdoing yourself with an awe-inspiring proposal, it is time to impress the boys. Deciding who will be in your wedding party is difficult enough, and then you have to shop for them. As a rule of thumb, try to get a gift that is well-made or practical. If you can do both, more to you, but either will do just fine. Men tend to be a little harder to shop for, so we compiled a list of popular groomsmen gifts that have gone over well. If none of these tickle your fancy, maybe they will inspire you instead.


A Grooming Kit

Deep down, men love to pamper themselves – whether or not they are willing to admit it. Invest in your groomsmens hygiene for your big day, or help improve their habits in general. A fancy shave kit, maybe a razor with a wooden handle, or shaving products, always go over well. If your crew is into beards, a selection of beard balms, oils, or a strong comb is appreciated. Top it all off with a leather travel bag, to keep all of their toiletries safe and compact for travel.


Alcohol and Accessories

More than most, men love a bottle of their favorite alcohol beverage. Shell out on a single bottle of their prefered drink, or purchase a handful of pricier mini-bottles. If you are taking a bachelor trip, you can throw in a flask for convenient, yet discreet, drinks to-go. The same can be said for a bottle opener, or one of these nifty Raging Mammoth shotgun tools. Want something a little classier? An engraved glass or whiskey stones, will be well-used and loved.



The wedding party does a lot for you, shelling out on a bachelor trip, and in general, helping you maintain sanity. Give back to them by taking some weight off of their shoulders, and purchase a part of their wedding day ensemble. This may be a watch, a belt, a pair of cufflinks, a bow tie, suspenders, or even a pair of socks. For even more fun, and great photographs, pick a unique pair that suits the personality of each member of your party.


Practical Items

If you really want to stick to functional, get something that suits a variety of lifestyles. A cooler can be used by anyone, whether they drink alcohol or not. A watch, although classic, is always appreciated and used. It can also be worn the day of the wedding, as a matching accessory. Any similar items, such as a leather key ring, a wallet or other frequently used, organizational items, will be well worth the price.


Engraved Gifts

Sentimental items are not just popular among the ladies. Men appreciate a well thought out gift, as well as a kind thought. This is especially true for longtime friends, or those who met in a fraternity. Choosing the item to engrave can be difficult, but try to find something that is regularly worn. There is nothing worse than a meaningful gift left to sit in the back of a closet. Add this simple touch to one of the previously mentioned items, such as the flask, wallet, or the back of a watch. We guarantee it will be a gift they cherish.

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