Tips for Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

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Tips for Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

Although hiring a professional makeup artist is typical, it is not of the utmost importance to every bride. Some women prefer to do their own makeup, whether due to personal preference or a distrust in artists. If you intend to do your own makeup for your wedding, trust that it can be done! To help you prepare, here are some tips to ensure you end up looking and feeling your very best.


Practice (A Lot)!

When it comes to your wedding day makeup, you don’t want to risk any mistakes or mishaps. If you’re planning to do your own wedding makeup, you need to put some practice in. Leading up to your big day, spend some time playing with different looks and products to see what works best and aligns with your vision.


Use Primer

For makeup that stays in place and lasts all day, you need a good base. A primer is essential for both the face and eyes. For the face, a primer will fill in and minimize pores. It will also dictate how your skin appears: matte or dewy. For the eyes, a primer will help a product go on smoother, decrease creasing, and improve color payoff.


Spend Time Color Matching

The foundation you choose can make or break your makeup. Spend time determining which foundation color is right for your skin tone. Be sure to factor in whether you will have a tan. If necessary, we recommend visiting a makeup store for assistance. It is recommended that you use a creamy formula-based concealer and a translucent or colored finishing powder. Don’t use a white powder, as it can give a white cast to your face in photographs.


Avoid Products with SPF or Shine

SPF is a no-go for wedding makeup. Although it is an integral part of an everyday beauty routine, leave it out on your big day. SPF has specific ingredients that will lead to a white cast in your photographs. Products that advertise a dewiness or shine can cause the same issue. Avoid them, except for on the eyes, such as a shimmer shadow.


Use Waterproof Products

Waterproof products are well worth the investment for your wedding day. Whether due to inclement whether or because you are prone to tears. Even if you don’t predict that either of these will be an issue, it is never a bad idea to play it safe. Some popular waterproof products include mascara, eye liner, concealer and primer.


Shape Your Browns

As a rule some women prefer not to shape their brows. We recommend making an exception for your wedding day. Even if you don’t plan on filling your brows in, they should at the very least be shaped. Keep them natural but clean by removing any stragglers or trimming long hairs. You can do this yourself or book an appointment with a professional.


Invest in a Setting Spray

Just like a primer, a setting spray will help hold your makeup in place. Setting sprays can be quite costly but they are worth the price. They contain water which will help hydrate the skin and prevent you from looking cakey. Meanwhile polymers will assist in locking everything in place.


At Pine Lake Ranch we are supportive of whatever decision makes you feel most beautiful! Whether that means doing your own wedding makeup, or hiring a professional. In either case, our Bridal House is the perfect place to prepare to walk down the aisle. With plenty of room and all the amenities you could want, your entire wedding party will stay comfortable throughout the day. Contact us today to book a tour!