Tips for Styling Your Wedding Sweetheart Table

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Tips for Styling Your Wedding Sweetheart Table

If you plan to have a sweetheart table at your reception, you’ll want to decorate it in your style. And in a way that aligns with your theme or color scheme. Keep reading for tips on how to style your sweetheart table, to keep the attention on you and your groom.


Do I Need a Sweetheart Table?


No! A sweetheart table is a need rather than a want. Some brides and grooms like to stay front and center throughout the night. Others would prefer to sit with the wedding party, at a larger head table. Whether or not you have a sweetheart table is entirely up to you.


Styling a Sweetheart Table


Aside from being your designated place to enjoy dinner, a sweetheart table also serves as a frame. Styled correctly, it is an effective way to kick your photos up a notch. Here are just a few ideas to help you get inspired!


Love Seating – One of the most underrated ways to spruce up a sweetheart table is via seating. Namely loveseats! There are vintage-inspired loveseats or more modern alternatives. If you prefer individual chairs, there are those made of rattan in unique shapes. Seating with a high back or with texture will look especially beautiful in photographs.


Lighting – At any sweetheart table, mood lighting is a must! Candles are a go-to, whether you prefer votives or elegant candlesticks. A variety of heights is an easy way to lend a bit of elegance. Or, for a more dramatic look, you can invest in uplighting. Placed at the base of the table, it will cast a beautiful light from below. Lighting will largely depend on your venue, however. Including what lighting is already present, both artificial and natural.


Linens – Linens aren’t for everyone, but they are a good way to break up a plain table or add some texture. They come in next to every color and a variety of different textures. For a more chic or glam look, there are sequin linens. If you prefer a simple look, go for a neutral color. Then there are runners, which can be placed under decor or long enough to run over the tables edge.


Centerpieces – When it comes to centerpieces, your options are endless. There are flowers, which usually complement your existing floral decor. These arrangements look especially beautiful when designed to cascade over the table front. There are also bits and baubles, such as signage, table size lanterns, and banners.


A Backdrop – If your sweetheart table is placed adjacent to the wall, then consider featuring a backdrop. It is an easy way to frame you and your husband but also serves as decoration. Even if you don’t have a wall, you could create a freestanding backdrop. Most couples opt for florals or signage featuring their last name.


At Pine Lake Ranch, we look forward to seeing how our couples style their sweetheart tables. At our breathtaking venue, there are a variety of locations to choose from for your reception. Including a beautiful string-lit coral and a recently renovated barn. Contact us today with any questions, or to book a tour of our venue.