Tips for the Top Bridesmaid Dress Colors in 2022

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Tips for the Top Bridesmaid Dress Colors in 2022

Selecting your bridesmaid dress colors is exciting but can also be overwhelming. There are endless options and they change in popularity from year to year. Today we’re sharing what is expected to be the top bridesmaid dress colors in 2022! Keep reading to get inspired and find the perfect wedding day get up for your girls.


A rich, buttery color, champagne is a seriously underrated option. It looks especially beautiful, almost fairytale-esque when paired with dark green décor and foliage. For a unique mismatched bridal party, complement champagne with varying shades of ivory or off-white or add in metallic-gold tones!

Shades of Gray

A trendy color for weddings year round, gray is an effective way to achieve a timeless and elegant look. You can put your ‘maids in the same color or have them wear varying shades for more depth. Complement this color with crisp white and lots of greenery and don’t be afraid to add some metallic silver or gunmetal into the mix.


Popular during winter, the color emerald looks stunning year round. It suits every skin tone and looks just as gorgeous next to spring greenery as it does a winter landscape. Put your girls in emerald next to groomsmen in black for a striking formal lineup. During the wintertime, opt for velvet gowns for a touch of luxe texture.


Although non-traditional, black is always a winner for those who want a trendy neutral wedding palette. Black will look incredible on all your girls and is a great option whether you want a more formal or casual look, but be sure to consider the style of the gowns! For more variety, incorporate a variety of shades of gray.

Mustard Yellow

A truly unique color, mustard yellow is a popular choice among brides who prefer a boho-wedding style. It’s an especially fun color during the spring and summer. But if you’re looking to incorporate more color, feature mismatched gowns in a range of orange, yellow, and pink for a sunset-inspired lineup.

Dark Teal

If you want a luxe moody wedding look, don’t overlook dark teal. A rich blue hue, dark teal is edgy yet elegant, especially when paired with other jewel tones. Place your girls in matching blue gowns with vibrant flowers that pop. Or, consider dressing them in mismatched jewel-toned dresses with more simple bouquets.


Maroon, or burgundy, has been a popular bridesmaid dress color for about the last decade – and it’s not going anywhere! This classic color looks beautiful on everyone and exudes romance and luxury. Put your girls in the same gowns for a sophisticated look, or mix in some dusty rose or metallic rose gold for a more diverse lineup.

What do you think of the top bridesmaid dress colors in 2022? Let us know if you have a favorite! And, if you’re looking for a barn wedding venue in Texas, Pine Lake Ranch would love to be a part of your story. Visit our website today to check out our pricing, or contact us directly to book a tour.