Tips on How to Review Your Wedding Vendors

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Tips on How to Review Your Wedding Vendors

On almost any post-wedding checklist, you’ll find a recommendation to review your wedding vendors. But why is this important? In addition to providing crucial feedback so that a business can improve its services, you are also helping future brides secure the best vendors for their needs. For this reason, we’re sharing our tips on how to review your wedding vendors!

  1. Share More, Not Less

When creating a review, the goal is to provide a rundown of the services you invested in, your expectations versus reality, and your overall experience. So, there shouldn’t be any shortage of words! In fact, the more detail you provide, the better. Try to be specific and refine any points that feel vague. The best reviews answer all the following questions:

  1. What did you enjoy most about working with them?
  2. What was the most helpful or significant thing they did for you?
  3. Were they knowledgeable and were they willing to answer your questions?
  4. What is the best advice or suggestion that they gave you?
  5. What was the best part of their service?
  6. Were they good problem solvers?
  7. Would you recommend them to your family/friends/other couples?
  1. Do it Sooner, Rather Than Later

Believe it or not, time is of the essence when writing a review for a wedding vendor. And no, you aren’t expected to write a review on the day of your wedding. But the sooner you do, the more details you will remember about your experience. For a vendor, it’s sort of like receiving a thank you note. So, it makes sense that they would want to receive your feedback within several months, versus a few years.

  1. Include Photographs

In addition to writing a review, consider including photos – especially if they are professional. Photographs are an especially effective way to showcase a vendor’s services or products. The best vendors to do this for include florists, bakeries, and event planners. For a future bride, providing photos for a visual along with your review is especially helpful.

  1. Be Honest

Sometimes a relationship with a wedding vendor can go sour if they didn’t provide the services you paid for, your expectations weren’t met, or the primary contact wasn’t personable. Regardless, it’s important that you be honest, but polite, in your review to give them the chance to improve. While you don’t need to lie or sugarcoat your experience, you should still aim to be kind so that your review will be taken seriously by other brides.

  1. Give a Shout-Out

Did you work with a specific person who is employed by your vendor? Providing a review is your chance to give them a shout-out! If they went above and beyond, this is an effective way to help another person get the credit they deserve and potentially propel their career forward. Be sure to include their name and provide details about why you loved working with them.

  1. Post Across Multiple Platforms

Want to go the extra step? Copy and paste your review across multiple platforms, not just the most obvious ones, like Google. Most brides find vendors through wedding-specific platforms, such as WeddingWire or The Knot. By posting to these websites, you’re helping your vendor reach even more people. This is really the best possible way you can say thank you!