Tips to Decorate an Outdoor Wedding Venue 

Pine Lake Ranch

Tips to Decorate an Outdoor Wedding Venue 

Tips to Decorate an Outdoor Wedding Venue 


Venues with a lot of outdoor space, like Pine Lake Ranch, can be intimidating. While you want to enjoy nature, you also want to decorate and create a sort of border for your event area. To help strike up some creativity, here are a few tips and ideas on how to decorate an outdoor wedding venue for a memorable and modern event.


Floral Installations


Flowers are a go-to wedding decoration, for events both indoor and out. They can be used for everything from floral ceremony arbors to aisle decor, table centerpieces and more. Get creative with your floral arrangements, whether you intend to make a fashionable photo backdrop or ethereal overhead decor for reception tables.




If your goal is a classic wedding look, consider featuring drapery. It can be wrapped on next to everything, to add a soft touch. You can even use a variety of colors, from a traditional white, to a modern dusty blue or romantic mauve. Use it in tandem with florals to drape an arbor, or simply toss it around tree branches for a luxe wooded wedding look. At your reception, use it as a runner, for a luxe yet minimalistic tablescape.


Lighting Fixtures


You can’t overlook the impact of unique lighting fixtures! As long as you have access to electricity, it is an easy way to instantly lend a glam or luxe look to your event. You can hang a chandelier from a large tree for a ceremony, or twine branches with twinkling string lights. At a reception, use them to light up lounge areas at night. Beneath a tent, dangle oversized lanterns or trendy edison bulbs.


Lounge Areas


Functional in multiple ways, lounge areas will keep guests cozy, and can be used to indicate the border of an event space. Whether your bar is standalone or under a tent, place lounges as far out as you want guests to roam. This will allow them a cozy space to escape the bustle of a tent or buffet area. Plus encourage them to mingle and socialize with guests outside their party.


Bourbon Barrels


Bourbon barrels are a staple for southern weddings. They can be used to create simple bistro or cocktail tables, as well as for decor. Top a bourbon barrel with a large or cascading floral arrangement, and you have the perfect decoration for aisles or entryways. You can use them to create a large dessert table display or bar. Or create a rustic wedding backdrop by pairing them with flowers and oversized lanterns.


Drink Stations


Like lounge areas, drink stations will help guests get up and moving. Plus they look adorable! A drink station can be as simple or luxe as you like. Whether it be a self pour station, a cool mobile bar, or a champagne hedge wall, as it has a clear front side, it can also be used as a makeshift boundary.


Photo Stations


Photo stations are a fun interactive element that can be as simple or luxe as you want. Like a DIY string light backdrop, or a mobile photo station wagon. Since most photo stations involve printed polaroids, consider giving your guests a place to hang up their images. For example, wrap a tree trunk with twine and add some clothes pins. This way guests can grab their dry images before leaving, rather than forgetting them on a table.


At Pine Lake Ranch we are more than happy to assist you with decor ideas for your outdoor ceremony or reception. Having worked with hundreds of couples before, we’ve seen it all! Before booking, we encourage you to stop by for a tour. During which you can start imagining all the possibilities for your big day. Reach out today, or take a virtual tour online!