Tips to Help Wedding Guests Save Money on Lodging

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Tips to Help Wedding Guests Save Money on Lodging

Attending a wedding can cost your guests a pretty penny. Between transportation, lodging, and food, it can add up fast. This is why we want to help you pass on some savings to your beloved family and friends. More specifically on overnight accommodations, one of the most pricey investments. Check out 5 tips to help your guests save money on lodging for your Houston wedding!


Reserve a Block of Rooms


The easiest way to save money on lodging is by blocking hotel rooms. It is one of the most common ways to help wedding guests save money. So what is it? By directing your guests to one specific hotel, you are essentially helping them do a significant amount of business. In return, a hotel may offer your guests a discounted rate or other savings. So it’s a win-win! However, this block will be offered for a limited time and for a limited number of rooms. Meaning guests will have to act fast or they will miss out on the deal.


Refer them to Airbnb


Airbnb is an amazing option for large families or groups of friends. Often times an AirBnb is actually more affordable than a hotel, especially when you consider the amount of space and amenities included. Granted, the price only really evens out if you have enough guests staying at the Airbnb. So when referring people to use this platform, you will want to be sure that you are encouraging enough people to do so, and that they are willing to share housing. In addition, make sure to take advantage of the referral program, which offers extra savings.


Work With a Wedding Planner


Let us start by saying working with a wedding planner is a double-edged sword. They cost you money and save you money. So the goal with a wedding planner is more so to save enough that it negates how much their services cost. That said, one way that a planner can save you money is with hotels. They sometimes gain a commission by sending clients and their guests to a specific hotel. In return, the hotel is willing to give the clients and their guests exclusive discounts. Something to keep in mind, however! Hotels usually require that a set number of rooms are booked in order for you to receive the discount.


Host an Off-Season Wedding


Hosting an off-season wedding usually isn’t the first option, but it is still an option. When you host an off-season wedding, you will often receive better hotel rates due to lack of business. Essentially, it isn’t travel season and hotels want more guests. Ergo, lower prices! Of course, the off-season is typical during winter or other less desired seasons. So you’ll have to decide what exactly you are willing to forgo in exchange for lower hotel rates.


Did you find these tips helpful? At Pine Lake Ranch our goal is to make your wedding an enjoyable experience for everyone, from the time they enter the Houston area until they leave. Be sure to speak with us to ask about our preferred local businesses. and our on-site lodging options for overnight accommodations during your wedding consultation!