Trending Fall Wedding Decor and Colors

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Trending Fall Wedding Decor and Colors

Wherever you choose to host your wedding, fall seems to be the perfect time of year. With breathtaking foliage, moderate weather and a strange sense of nostalgia lingering in the air, it speaks of love everlasting. For some reason, this season makes people want to cozy up next to a fire for countless hours. Spring may be the season of love, but we think fall puts up a good fight. Keep reading to learn about the trending wedding decorations and colors for fall 2019.


Fall Wedding Decorations

Velvet Accents – If the fall season didn’t already make you think of rainy days spent under a cozy blanket, throw in some velvet accents. This texture is bold without being overbearing. It can be as simple as the ribbon around your floral arrangements, or make an appearance on furniture or table settings. 


Fresh Fruit – Citrus fruit has been an up and coming trend, popular for summer and spring weddings. However fruits with primarily red, purple, and orange hues are perfect for the fall season. Add them to your glass centerpieces or floral arrangements for a surprisingly festive look. Oranges, grapes, pomegranates, and apples all make for stunning choices. If fruits aren’t your forte, opt for gourds of various shades.


Foliage Escort Cards – Whether or not your event will take place outside, why not utilize the seasonal colors to your benefits? Handwrite, or hire a calligraphist, to put each guests name on a fallen leaf to create a seating chart or place cards. The leaves can be the same, or a mix of whatever you find lying around. Little details like this tend to go highly noticed, yet are relatively effortless.


Candle Sticks of Staggering Heights – Candles are a must have for fall weddings, to create a soft evening glow reminiscent of cozy nights spent at home. Use candlesticks or candelabras, or a mix of the two, to decorate the dinner tables. By using pieces of varying heights and styles, it will exude a more relaxed yet still elegant look. Rather than a standard white candle, consider using black or a unique color from your palette.


Fall Wedding Colors

Selecting and pairing colors for your wedding is one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make. After all, there are so many stunning colors to choose from! You will use the colors you choose for almost every aspect of the day, from stationary, to tableware, your wedding party’s attire, floral arrangements and so on. See if any of the following popular fall color palettes peak your interest.


Cornflower Blue and Yellow – Cornflower blue in particular has been a trending color choice. For the fall season, pair it with yellow. If you want to go bold, choose a brighter shade of yellow. If you prefer a more toned down look, opt for a lighter shade.


Orange and White – Commonly associated with fall, this color pairing may sound loud. However, various shades of orange, as well as brown, paired with white can be very elegant. To add texture, consider using materials such as burlap or tobacco cloth.


Jewel Tones – For couples who can’t settle on a few colors, consider using jewel tones. Consisting of dark tones, these colors are elegant and daring. If you love color but find jewel tones a little too bold, find a more muted variation of each color for a less vibrant but still beautiful multi-color palette.


Copper and Merlot – Wine and gold used to be all the rage, but now it is copper and merlot. As darker colors continue to trend, this beautiful pairing is underrated and enchanting. It is simple, yet contrasts nicely against stark whites and various shades of greenery. For a moodier vibe, you might consider throwing black into the mix.


At Pine Lake Ranch, we are always eager to see the unique choices that couples make for their special day. From the color palette to decorations and everything in between, the tiniest details are an extension of your relationship. At our venue we strive to provide a space where your personalities can shine, and the resources to help your vision come to life. Learn about our wedding packages, or contact us today to book your event date.