Unexpected Places to Shop for Wedding Decor

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Unexpected Places to Shop for Wedding Decor

Finding stores to shop at for wedding decorations can be a challenge. When on the hunt for that one piece needed to complete your vision, not just any store will do. Especially if you also factor in a budget, quantity and quality. Check out some of the stores, both online and off, that may meet your wedding decor dreams or needs.


Craft Stores

Hosting a wedding on a budget? Craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Micheal’s and Jo-Ann, are a great way to get the best bang for your buck. Each of these regularly host sales and offer coupons. They are ideal for everything from linens to centerpieces, greenery, bits and baubles. They are an especially great option for those who are looking to DIY a number of elements for their wedding.



If you have the funds to support artists and small businesses, Etsy is the way to go. When choosing this option, you also benefit from the fact that many stores on Etsy have high ethics and offer products that are vegan, biodegradable or recyclable. Another perk of Etsy is that you will likely be able to find completely unique products unlike anything you have seen at previous weddings. This also makes it an ideal place to search for products that you can not find elsewhere, or need personalized. It may cost you a pretty penny, but it is a reliable source for commissioning work.


Flea Markets

Hit or miss, flea markets are a great option to find second-hand but affordable goods, if you have the time. Unfortunately, you could end up visiting dozens of stores before you find something worthwhile, but that’s part of the game. For some the savings are well worth it. This option is better for those who have a theme that is more complimentary than it is uniform. For example, mismatched dinnerware, seating and decorative glassware. 


A Hardware Store

One of the last places you might consider for wedding decorations, but hear us out. Hardware stores are of course ideal if you have any DIY projects in mind, but also for favors and escort cards. Right now paint sample strips and marble tiles are popular escort cards. If they have a garden center you can purchase greenery for the table setting, or mini plants for wedding favors, such as potted succulents or hanging air plants.


Tj Maxx or Ross

By far the most underrated stores, Tj Maxx and Ross are the place to go for gorgeous decorations at a slightly discounted price. While they can never guarantee multiples if you find something you like, these stores are great for unique pieces. So if you are looking for bits and bobs to fill in space, you might find an option to do the trick. Additionally, they can have staples like candles, serveware and blank chalkboard signage.


Online Resale Groups

A number of cities have online groups, especially on Facebook, where recent brides can resell their wedding goodies. This can include furniture, linens, table decorations, florals and so much more. You can also be on the lookout for resale events, similar to wedding shows, but where former brides rather than vendors are looking to sell their decorations. In either case, there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for, if you regularly check in.



Competitive in terms of pricing, Amazon is a good option if you need to buy items in bulk. Whether you need centerpieces, linens or even lighting, you are sure to find what you want or an alternative you love just as much. If you choose to go with Amazon, it is important that you read all of the details on a product, such as dimensions and quantity. Similarly, you should check out the reviews – take them with a grain of salt.


At Pine Lake Ranch we are proud to make our couples’ lives easier by providing some essential decorations. Our wedding packages include the option of linens, furniture, lighting and more. Learn more during a tour of our venue, or contact us directly with any questions.