Unique Ideas for ‘Something Blue’


Unique Ideas for ‘Something Blue’

A longstanding wedding tradition, ‘Something Blue’ symbolizes purity, love, and fidelity. Should you consider opting into this tradition, you will face a common question: What could you add to your attire or wedding setup that features this classic color? To help spark your creativity, here are a few ways to feature something blue at your wedding:


Blue Ribbon


A simple but effective way to add a touch of blue to your look is with blue ribbon, which you can do in a variety of ways. Consider a ribbon tied to your wedding bouquet or a sash tied at the waist of your flower girls. Either will look beautiful, whether or not blue is a part of your wedding palette. To complement your colors, however, consider if a light or dark blue would look better.


Pretty Blue Shoes


If you are looking for a way to infuse some color into your wedding attire, the best way is to add a pair of blue wedding shoes. In the event that they peek out from the bottom of your dress, they will be sure to wow your guests. Consider designers Harriet Wilde or Charlotte Mills, who offer stunning shades and styles of blue bridal shoes.


A Handkerchief


Whether it is old or new, a handkerchief will come in handy – both to keep your makeup intact and to wipe away tears of joy. It can also fulfill your need for ‘something blue!’ Have your wedding date or a meaningful phrase embroidered on it with blue thread. To keep it on hand, consider wrapping it around your bouquet.


A Blue Garter


Should you prefer to keep your ‘something blue’ hidden from sight, your best bet is a blue garter. Another meaningful tradition, this will make it much easier to check both off your to-do list. Blue wedding garters are easy to buy from online shops and small business owners on Etsy.


A Hidden Message


One of our personal favorites is the sweet and intimate idea of a hidden message. Has your wedding date embroidered in a soft blue thread somewhere on your dress? Or, place a meaningful phrase of your choosing somewhere on a piece of stationery. Guests won’t notice a detail like this, but you’ll know it’s there!


Blue Blooms


There are a variety of blue flowers available for your wedding, any of which can be sprinkled into your décor. If the color suits your palette, then it will be easy enough to add to your wedding bouquet. If not, consider adding it into less obvious décor, such as flowers that line the aisle way or mark reserved seating.


At Pine Lake Ranch we love seeing the unique ideas brides come up with for ‘something blue.’ Whether it is noticeable to guests, it is a fun tradition that brides have enjoyed taking part in for generations and that we have enjoyed being able to witness. If you are looking for a remote venue in Texas for your wedding, we would love to host you. Learn more about our venue when you visit our website or contact our team to book a tour. We look forward to hearing from you!