Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

The wedding cake topper you choose should be a reflection of your relationship and whatever it entails. Perhaps you fell in love over a rousing game of Mario Kart? Or enjoy bonding by exploring the great outdoors? No matter how your relationship started or how you spend time together, there is a wedding cake topper to match. Check out some of our favorite wedding cake toppers, available on Etsy, from simple and cute to down right quirky.


For the Romantic

If you love romance, these heartwarming country rocking chairs paint a beautiful picture. They will depict a long and happy life together. Image picturesque evenings sitting on a porch with nothing to do but bask in each others company. Personally, we think they would be perfect for a rustic-themed wedding.


For the Funny

Want to catch your guests off guard? Nothing will beat these hilarious and arguably adorable gold dinosaurs. To top it all off they are dressed in a standard wedding veil and top hat. If you prefer a pair of Brachiosaurus’ over T-Rexs’, similar listings from separate sellers are available.


For the Pet Lovers

For many couples, pets are an important part of the relationship. Perhaps they were a gift or simply the first addition to your family. In any case, a beautiful way to honor your fur baby is via a figurine cake topper. The seller crafts a miniature look alike of your pet/s and features colors specific to your big day. This cake topper is perfect if your venue does not allow pets to attend.


For the Outdoorsy

If the great outdoors are an integral part of your relationship, as well as a theme for your wedding, this pair of metallic gold deer make for a chic cake topper. Simple and elegant, they are a beautiful symbol. Deer are said to stand for the ability to move through life and overcome obstacles with grace. A great reminder as you venture into marriage.


For the Sentimental

Just because you are traditional and would like your wedding to be, doesn’t mean your cake topper has to be plain. This adorable handmade figurine couple having a smooch can be made to your likeness, down to your hair color and wedding attire. Not only will it look great in photographs but it will make a beautiful keepsake.


For the Whimsical

If you are having a casual wedding, this alpaca bride and groom is a unique option. Hand felted and sizeable, they are adorable and can be made with accessories of various colors. The alpaca themselves are available in five different colors. Once the day is over, they could easily be made into Christmas decorations for an interesting conversation starter.


For the Gamers

If you and your fiance have a passion for gaming, this Mario and Peach cake topper will be a hit. Handmade, the pair are designed to look exactly as they do on your gaming screen. They can also be customized to your liking. The seller offers a number of other popular game and movie characters for purchase, it’ll be hard to pick just one!


For the Adventurers

Some people are adventurers by nature and would rather spend more time exploring than they would in the comfort of their own home. If this describes your relationship, you will love this wood cutout of a couple. If you have an adventurous pooch, an alternative version with a dog is available. Both styles come in a variety of colors. This is such a cute way to bring your hobby to life during your wedding!


At Pine Lake Ranch we can’t wait to see the piece you have decided on! This choice is just one of many which will set you apart from other couples. Similarly, we hope to help your special day be one-of-a-kind. Learn about our customizable wedding packages to see how we can cater to your individual needs and preferences to create a truly unique and memorable event. Contact us today with any questions or to inquire about availability!