Warm-Weather Wedding Menu Ideas

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Warm-Weather Wedding Menu Ideas

Hosting a warm-weather wedding requires a fitting dinner menu: fare that makes your guests feel as sunny as the skies overhead! To do so, serve up delicious food that incorporates the flavors of the season, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Today, we’re sharing some tasty options for your menu, from appetizers to entrées and more!

Grazing Stations

A grazing station is easily our favorite way to welcome guests to a reception. Packed with everything from fresh fruit to cheese, bread, nuts, and cured meats, it’s a good way to help stave off hunger until dinner is served. It is also a wonderful pairing for cocktails!

Fruity Hors d’oeuvres

With lots of rain and sunshine comes lots of fan-favorite fruits, including blueberries, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, and more! For a fun and colorful cocktail hour, consider dishing up some fruity handheld bites, such as Watermelon Caprese Skewers or Peach & Prosciutto Crostini.

Finger Sandwiches

If you want to keep guests happy without making them feel heavy, serve up tasty seasonal finger sandwiches. Surprisingly tasty and wonderfully light, you can feature a wide variety of combos. Our favorites include cucumber with cream cheese, smoked salmon with lemon butter, and egg salad with cress.

Refreshing Cocktails

What’s a wedding without a bar? During a warm-weather wedding, refreshing beverages are essential to help guests stay cool. When selecting your signature drinks, consider season-based cocktails. These might include a Raspberry Mojito, a Boozy Arnold Palmer, or a Watermelon Refresher.

Savory Seafood

Serving seafood at a wedding can sound intimidating, but with a talented caterer on your team there is little that can go wrong. Seafood is an effective way to elevate your event and impress your guests, whether you opt to serve chilled shrimp cocktails, crispy fish bites, or a delicious crab spread.

Floral Decorated Desserts

While you can easily incorporate seasonal flavors into your desserts, take the décor to the next level by featuring florals. Lots of flowers have edible leaves that can be used to add a unique texture and bright colors to your wedding cake or other desserts. Simply press the leaves to the outside for a cool print or keep it classic when you feature the whole bloom.

Meaty Mains

When it comes to your main entrée, you want to give guests a nice bit of protein that will hold them over for the night. There are countless meat options, but a handful will really stand out during the spring or summer. Popular choices include fresh wood-fired pizzas, barbeque slathered pulled-pork sandwiches, and tender grilled chicken breasts.

Late-Night Bites

If your party will run late into the night, make sure you have food lined up to help keep guests on their feet. Cold treats like ice cream or popsicles are always a fan favorite. Of course, if you want bites that lend a wow-factor, consider serving up freshly spun milkshakes and french fries. Or, set up a hot pretzel bar stocked with all the best dipping sauces.