Ways to Announce Your Engagement

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Ways to Announce Your Engagement

You’re engaged? Congrats! After you are done jumping up and down with joy, it is time to share the good news with your friends and family. Everyone is different and has a preference as to how to go about the big reveal. Below are just a few of the most popular options. Just be sure to share it with us!


The Classic Ring Selfie

Without a doubt, several of your friends have posted ring selfies of their own. The easiest option, just hold your hand out with your fingers together and snap a pic. Ideally you should also have your nails done and a nice background. Alternatively, some gals are twisting their ring around and writing #ISaidYes on their palm.


A Professional Photo Shoot

If you want photographs that will stand the test of time, go with a professional photo shoot. You will have time to prepare for the shoot, meaning you will also look and feel your best – because candid photos don’t always turn out that well. Finally, you can announce the date of your wedding in a creative way, if it is already decided. Just be sure to tag the photographer when you share the photographs online.


Let Another Family Member Break the News

Allowing your kids or pets to be the face of the announcement is never a bad choice. After all, people love kids (especially babies) and pets. Give your kids a sign to hold that says something along the lines of “Our mom and dad are engaged!” or “Daddy asked and mommy said yes!” For dogs, there are bandanas available that say “My humans are getting married!” These photos are a lot of fun and can be taken with your cell phone.


Share the Moment

If someone caught the candid moment when you said “I do”, be sure to share it! Your friends and family will love seeing your real emotions and reaction, whether it was tears or shock. Even if your fiance opted for a more private and intimate proposal, he hopefully thought to set up his phone to video it. If not, you can always hope a kind passerby snapped a pic or two!


With Your Holiday Cards

If you are mailing out a Christmas card for the holidays, why not make the most of it and have it double as an engagement announcement? You will end up saving yourself money, and it will make the holidays that much brighter for the recipient. Go for something festive, or stick to something a little more classy and compliment each others’ outfits.


An In Person Surprise

Wear your ring to your next friend or family get together and see who notices first! Our bet is that it won’t take very long and that you will get a few hilarious reactions. For even more fun, if someone notices, have them keep it hush hush. See who notices first and last, and which aunt screams the loudest upon noticing the new shiny rock on your finger. Towards the end of the evening, be sure to let everyone in on the surprise with an official announcement.


An Engagement Party

Plan an event at your own home or a restaurant and don’t tell anyone that it is your engagement party. You can reveal the secret via decorations, or with an announcement and toast. Just be sure that you only invite people who you also plan to invite to the wedding. If you don’t necessarily feel like making it a surprise, you can just announce your engagement on the invitations to the party.


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