Ways to Honor Your Pets at Your Wedding

pets at your wedding

Ways to Honor Your Pets at Your Wedding

At Pine Lake Ranch, we don’t allow pets on-site, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want your fur babies to be a part of your big day! There are plenty of ways you can honor your pets at your wedding, from fun signage to custom details and décor. Keep reading to get some ideas that will make your event especially memorable!

Bar Signage & Signature Cocktails

A recent trend at weddings is signature cocktails. They make it much easier for guests to order popular drinks and for couples to offer a limited, but still exciting, selection. This trend also offers a way for you to give a nod to your fur babies, by naming each item after a pet. We recommend investing in some custom signage with a portrait of your pets accompanied by a drink and its main ingredients. It will make for adorable décor and save your guests from being put on the spot.

Acrylic Drink Stirrers & Koozies

Whether you plan to serve cold beer or signature cocktails, custom details will go a long way toward impressing your guests. Koozies have long been a fun favor, but even more so when they feature the face of your beloved pet. For cocktails, consider investing in some cutesy acrylic drink stirrers – whether custom or by simply matching the breed. 

A Tasty Appearance

If there is one way to ensure your pet is front and center, it is by placing them on your cake as a tasty icing replica. Work with your baker to incorporate your pet into the design, whether you place some paw prints at the base or have them sitting pretty on one of the tiers. If you want to inject some humor, you might even have them digging into one of the layers.

Give Back

A special way to give a nod to a pet, especially a rescue, is by giving back. Instead of, or in addition to, gifts you can ask guests to consider making a monetary donation that you will pass on to a local humane society or rescue center. If your event is local, you could also ask for specific donations that a shelter has expressed a need for, such as food, blankets, or toys.

Hidden Embroidery

Some of the most fun details are the ones that are hidden! A cute way to feature your pet is on your person, specifically by having your pooch or cat embroidered onto your wedding veil. It can also double as “something blue” if you use the appropriate thread! For the groom, your pet could easily be hidden on the lower part of his pocket handkerchief. After your event, these items will serve as lovely keepsakes which you might even frame.

Trendy Printed Materials

If you prefer to feature your pets in a way that is a little subtler, consider placing their likeness on some of your printed materials. Whether it’s the dinner menus, place cards, or table numbers that you choose to embellish, guests will be tickled to see your fur babies’ faces make an appearance.