Ways to Host a More Eco-Friendly Wedding

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Ways to Host a More Eco-Friendly Wedding

Now more than ever before, brides and grooms are seeking to host eco-friendly weddings. A goal that Pine Lake Ranch is glad to help couples achieve! We understand and appreciate your commitment to leaving our event space and the planet better than you found it. Granted we understand it can be difficult to host a completely eco event. To help inspire you to make even just a few improvements, here are a handful of ways to host a more eco-friendly wedding at Pine Lake Ranch.


Dual Ceremony-Reception Site


One of the best ways to combat a large carbon footprint is by selecting a venue that can double as a ceremony and reception site, like Pine Lake Ranch! This reduces the need for guests to travel between multiple venues, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Similarly, you might consider arranging transportation from your hotel of choice to our venue. There is plenty of green shuttle and taxi companies present throughout the area. Not to mention providing transportation will be safer for guests who enjoy a drink or two.


Invest in Local Sustainable Vendors & Venues


Aside from the venue, you will also want to book local and sustainable or eco-conscious vendors. When researching and consulting with vendors, be sure to ask about their green practices. This is especially applicable to caterers, in regards to how they source their ingredients and handle any waste. Look for those that feature local fare or are farm-to-table, and are willing to package up leftovers. At Pine Lake Ranch we are glad to refer you to vendors that we know partake in sustainable practices whenever possible.


Rent or Reuse Your Dress & Tux


Believe it or not, your wedding day attire can also be eco-friendly. Rings can be ethically made or sourced, such as second hand from a pawn shop or vintage jeweler. In regards to your clothing, renting is a great option. For women, you will most likely have to buy second hand, as wedding dress rentals are less common. If you do intend to buy new clothing, you can purchase from ethical designers. Those who recycle fabrics or take other eco-friendly measures. You might even recommend that your wedding party do the same, which is easier if you are going for a mismatched look.


Keep Your Decor Green


The easiest way to be more eco-friendly is with green decorations. Our favorite method is featuring vintage furniture, whenever possible. Including ceremony and reception seating, and tables. When it comes to serving ware, you can use vintage mismatched china and flatware. Of course, you can also rent china, if you prefer a more cohesive look. When decorating your tables, use candles to reduce the need for electricity, and showcase seasonal flowers. These floral arrangements don’t require transportation and therefore reduce carbon emissions. Lastly, be conscious of wasteful wedding favors. Avoid gifts that are likely to be tossed, and try to feature edible items served in reusable containers. Like a local jam, jelly, and honey, or olive oil!


At Pine Lake Ranch we are glad to assist brides and grooms with hosting a more eco-friendly wedding. During your initial consultation, let us know about your intentions to host an eco-friendly event, including any specific details. So that we can better inform you as to what is and is not allowed on our property, such as glass. We look forward to working with you, and helping you host a more eco-conscious event!