Ways to Incorporate Your Hobbies Into Your Wedding

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Ways to Incorporate Your Hobbies Into Your Wedding

A wedding is a celebration of your relationship and all it entails, hobbies included. For many couples, shared hobbies are how they met or what brings them closer together. So it only makes sense that you would want to incorporate one or two into your wedding. To help you host a wedding that fully encapsulates your relationship, here are just a few ways you can showcase your shared hobbies or interests.


The Venue


Depending on your interests, there may be a wedding venue that aligns with your hobbies. One popular example being breweries or wineries. Art lovers might host their nuptials at a local museum. History buffs may book a notable church or hotel. Spend ample time researching your options, or work with a wedding vendor who specializes in unique locations.


Your Guest Book


One of the easiest ways to elude to a hobby is your guest book. Fall in love over a passion for vinyl records? Ask guests to sign your favorite. Share a passion for sports? Have guests sign a ball, whatever it may be. Travel-loving couples are requesting that their guests sign a vintage globe. Your guest book is a cute way to nod to your relationship and a detail that guests are likely to remember.




If your goal is to ‘wow’ your guests, your best chance is with entertainment. Consider hiring entertainment that aligns with your interests, especially those that are interactive. This may include a hot air balloon ride or horseback riding. For those who enjoy a hobby with history, a tour is a fun pastime. Tours are likely to be available at a distillery or winery, as well as historic venues.




Some couples prefer a less obvious nod to their hobbies, and that’s okay too. One way to do this is through your decor. But rather than going with a full-on hobby-inspired theme, aim for a sprinkling of references. You might incorporate it into the design of your wedding cake or dinner menu, the items featured for a seating chart, or through wedding favors.


Food & Drinks


A delicious way to incorporate your hobbies is through the menu. Serve up food items related to your theme, such as seafood for boat lovers or surfers. Feature items like fresh shellfish and tropical-themed cocktails. If you have a passion for fairs, dish up some festival themes sweets like funnel cakes and spiked lemonade. If you’re limited in terms of the food you can serve, consider labeling them with creative names instead.


At Pine Lake Ranch we love helping our couples showcase their passions and interests!. If you need clarification in determining what is and is not allowed at our venue, please contact us directly. Or to learn more about our location and amenities, visit our website to book a tour. We can’t wait to be a part of your special day!