Ways to Save On Your Open Bar Reception

Ways to Save On Your Open Bar Reception

For wedding guests a  highly anticipated element of a wedding, or more specifically a wedding reception, is the open bar.  Brides and grooms however face the reality that an open bar can be a rather expensive investment. Check out some of the best ways to save on your open bar, that won’t be a complete buzz kill.


Buy Wholesale

One of the most popular ways of stocking a wedding reception bar is via a wholesale retailer. How does this work? In essence, they make savings by purchasing in bulk and those savings are passed on to you. It’s a win-win! Obtaining this deal might require a few trips to your local Costco or Sam’s Club, but it will be well worth the savings. Plus, you won’t feel bad about leftovers and may even be able to return the unopened bottles.


Limit the Options

If the bottom line is that you have a limited budget, don’t stress. Rather, limit your drink options so that you won’t have to spend more in order to provide variety. A great option is to serve signature bride and groom drinks of your preference. Ideally, these drinks should be relatively different. For example, the bride’s drink may be a vodka-based cocktail. Whereas the groom’s might be a classic whiskey on the rocks.


Cocktail Hour Only

If you have a more picky crowd, consider limiting the length of time that the open-bar will be available versus limiting the drink options. Essentially, cocktail hour is literally a cocktail hour and once it is over, that’s it. If you go this route be sure that it is expressed clearly on signage so that guests aren’t left drinkless. If you think a large portion of guests would still like the option of a drink, you can shift to a cash bar.


Encourage BYOB

This option is entirely dependent on your wedding venue, but BYOB is always a feasible idea. In this scenario, you won’t have to provide as much alcohol and guests will be able to enjoy the drinks of their preference. As mentioned, you must discuss this option with your venue. Some venues or locations have strict rules about bringing alcohol on the premises at all, whereas others may only discourage glass bottles for the safety of patrons. If your wedding reception is BYOB, it will have to be placed on the wedding invitation.


Go Bottom Shelf

A wedding reception is solely about celebrating the newlyweds, often with a drink in your hand. For the most part, no one actually cares about the brand of the alcohol that drink is made with. What we’re trying to say is, don’t worry about impressing your guests with high end options. Bottom shelf alcohol is much cheaper and still does the trick. If you personally want a higher end option, you can request it and specify that it is only for the bride and groom.


At Pine Lake Ranch we are not only happy to host your wedding reception, but provide the best services to assist you. This includes bar supplies as well as a bar staff to accommodate your guest count. While we do not allow BYOB at our venue, we do allow alcohol and take care to ensure the safety of your guests. To learn more about our services and customizable wedding package options, contact us today!