Wedding Accessories to Gift Your Groom

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Wedding Accessories to Gift Your Groom

The morning of your wedding is incredibly overwhelming, making it the perfect time to give a gift to your groom! Reminding him of your feelings and the future to come is an effective way to ground him so that he can fully enjoy your wedding day. To help spark your creativity, here are a few wedding accessories that you can gift your groom.

A Watch

Watches are a popular gift for grooms and an accessory that they will wear for years to come. If your groom is an avid watch wearer, there are plenty of ways to gift him a watch. Whether it be an entirely new watch, a new band, or even a watch case. Be sure to consider his personal style and taste, and when he is most likely to wear a watch. This will help you decide whether to purchase a design that is more formal or casual.

A Tie Patch

A more sentimental gift, a tie patch is small but incredibly meaningful. You can purchase a tie patch on Etsy, or make one of your own – if you have the right tools. Simply write a personal message or choose a saying of value, like a quote or lyrics. It can then be embroidered onto a patch, which can be attached directly to the back of his tie.

Wedding Shoes

Who said that women were the only ones who love shoes? Men also love fresh-out-of-the-box shoes, and your wedding is a great chance to splurge on a new pair. If you do plan on buying a pair, make sure it matches the rest of his wedding day attire.  SEO tools

Customized Handkerchief

If your groom is likely to cry, think ahead and gift him a handkerchief. Or do him one better, and purchase a customized handkerchief. Available through Etsy sellers, it’s as simple as writing a personalized note or love letter. We also recommend adding the date of your wedding, so that you can frame it later as a keepsake.


Like brides, many grooms have a favorite cologne. However, your wedding is a good time to introduce a new scent. People actually associate smells with events, meaning that going forward the scent you choose will be a reminder of your wedding day. Just be considerate of his preferences, as he will be the one wearing it.


A wedding is one of the few times that your groom will love being gifted socks. More specifically, fun socks. Since the groom typically wears pants, their socks aren’t visible. Meaning you can get away with rocking some crazy prints, without comprising any photos. One especially funny option is to put his face on a pair of socks.

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