Wedding Appetizers that are Practical & Affordable

wedding appetizers

Wedding Appetizers that are Practical & Affordable

Appetizers are a staple for wedding receptions. They are an effective way to help pass the time until dinner – and to balance out the guests’ alcohol intake! But many couples assume that wedding appetizers are a luxury, an idea that couldn’t be further from the truth. Get inspired for your big day; check out these practical and affordable wedding appetizers that will wow your wedding guests.


By far one of the most popular wedding appetizers, charcuterie is as stylish as it is delicious. Featuring a variety of cold cuts, fruits, nuts, and bread or crackers, they are tasty, filling, and especially popular during a long cocktail hour. You can display charcuterie on a large grazing table or create charcuterie cups for guests to grab and enjoy on the go.

Shrimp Shooters

If you’re dreaming of seafood appetizers for a warm-weather wedding, go with shrimp. The most affordable option for seafood, they are easy to cook and serve. Simply buy or rent shooter-size cups, fill them with a delicious cocktail sauce and top them off with two or three shrimp. Just make sure that they are deveined and peeled first!

Soft Pretzels

When there is an open bar, be sure to offer high-carb options. Enter soft pretzels! Delicious, soft, and salty, this handheld treat will be a hit along with any beer and wine selection. We recommend serving them up alongside a small selection of mustards, for a more gourmet experience – include classic mustard, grainy mustard, and one that packs a little heat.

Bread Bar

For an alternative to pretzels, consider a bread bar. A much larger but equally affordable display, a bread bar will offer more variety. You can feature everything from flaky biscuits and mini rolls to whole sliced loaves. Of course, you’ll also want to offer up a variety of dips and spreads such as herb butter, olive oil, or soft cheeses.

Fresh Fruit

Best for warm-weather weddings, fruit is a great way to feature fresh and healthy food at your reception. This is also an effective way to include some color in your spread! You can lay out fruit similarly to charcuterie, or serve it up in small cups. You might also include some dips, like local honey, plain yogurt, or even chocolate.

Cold Cups

Another way to treat guests to some food and help them beat the heat is with cold cups. These can consist of any cold food, such as pasta or potato salad. You can display the food on platters and place them in a tray packed with ice. Guests can then visit the bar as often as they like, to top up mini cups.

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