Wedding Escort Card Ideas

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Wedding Escort Card Ideas

If you plan on having a seating chart at your wedding reception, escort cards are a must-have. While some might opt for a standard list of guests on a piece of paper, there are a number of other fun and unique options. Check out some of the most popular escort card ideas to use at your own event, or to get some much needed inspiration. 



If you are hosting a tropical themed or beachside wedding, coconuts are the way to go. Have them already cut open with a paper straw in place for your guests to start sipping on. For the card, use a small tag shaped like a leaf or flower, with a hole punched out that the straw can fit through. Have them displayed on a faux bar or similar stand.



Depending on your guest’s interests, give them a souvenir that they will use. A sturdy bookmark is always a welcome gift for those who love to read. You can select or make the bookmarks as simple or as creative as you like, with different textures, colors and fonts.



Direct your guests to their drink glass for the night by making it their escort card. The glass doesn’t matter and can vary depending on the type of drink you plan to serve. People commonly choose to use a champagne or wine glass. Dictate whose is whose with a tag that sits on the lip of the glass, or with custom made cocktail stirrers.


Luggage Tags

A great way to say thank you if you are hosting a destination wedding, is with luggage tags. Go for something more colorful for women and something masculine for the men, like a brown leather. If you have less guests and the budget to do so, try to gift with tags that will hold up on your guest’s future adventures.



A current fad in the wedding industry is the use of coasters as escort cards. There are all kinds of creative options, specifically marble tiles, wood slices, agate slices and acrylic shapes. The best route is to hire a professional calligrapher to handwrite each of your guest’s names, or take a class and learn this unique skill for yourself.


Pressed Flowers

Especially beautiful for an ethereal or boho wedding, a small frame of pressed flowers is a gorgeous gift. You can order real flowers or collect wildflowers to create these pieces. Place them in an equally delicate frame to keep with the theme. Alternatively you can order them pre-made. It will make for a unique piece of decor that your guests can add to their homes.


Bottle of Coke

Receiving a classic glass bottle of coke never gets old, no matter your age. Use this relic from the past to help your guests find their seats and quench their thirst. Tie a tag to the bottle using twine, and you have a cute and delicious escort card, great for a rustic wedding.



For a treat, and an alternative to all of the sweets at the wedding reception, make use of your favorite citrus fruit. The most popular choice is an orange, but you could also go for a grapefruit. Since the peel will be removed, you can write the guests name and table number directly on it. Or use a flat head tack to attach a leaf shaped tag.



If you are hosting a minimalist wedding or are decorating with greenery, succulents make for the perfect escort card. Use a toothpick and decorative or plain paper to write the guests name and table number, before sticking it into the pot. You can also use a variety of pots, from the typical clay pot, to a mason jar, teacup or tin can.



Between Thanksgiving and Christmas time, consider utilizing an ornament as an escort card. Your guests will find their seat and receive a personalized gift. We recommend putting the name and table number on separate sides of the ornament, or make sure to use an easily removed sticker for the table number. You might even consider letting them hunt for it on a decorative Christmas tree.


At Pine Lake Ranch we have seen all kinds of ingenious escort cards throughout the years, and we are excited to see what you come up with. In your search for a wedding venue we hope you will consider our 25-acre property, featuring an ancient oak tree, sparkling lake and rolling hills. Learn about our wedding packages today, or contact us to book a tour.