Wedding Registry Mistakes You Might be Making

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Wedding Registry Mistakes You Might be Making

Creating a wedding registry with your fiance can be such a fun adventure! Who doesn’t love to shop for their must-have gift items for their future together?  Many couples often struggle, however, to determine what they should ask for. Believe it or not, there are some rules to keep in mind. To help you start off on the right foot, here is a list of the most common wedding registry mistakes.


What is a Wedding Registry?

From the beginning, it is important to understand the point of a wedding registry and therefore the type of items that you should include.. This is essential as the people who purchase items for you want to personally feel they are getting something worth their hard earned money, or/and contribute to your relationship and household emotionally or via goods. Your guests want to be able to visualise you using their gift and know it has benefited you both. Think of experiences, useful household items, or gifts that encourage your hobbies.


Not Researching Retailers

As so many retailers now allow you to set up a registry online, it is easy to sign up without a second thought. However, every retailer has different policies and perks in place for wedding registries. Some offer discounts for registry completion, or free gifts, and others have limited return policies. By researching your options, you will know which ones are the most beneficial, or offer the best rewards, and which ones may end up causing you more stress than it’s worth.


Not Working Together

While it’s easy to delegate the task of creating a wedding registry to the bride, the groom also needs to pitch in. He may not like shopping, but he is going to want to have a say this time around. After all, you’re designing and creating your dream house and you should both love it! Not to mention he will likely have a completely different idea of what types of gifts he wants to add. Whereas the bride may focus on dinnerware, the groom may realize that tools would be handy for unexpected issues or future updates around the house.


Want Versus Need

There are two types of items that go on a wedding registry: items you want and items you need. Some people tend to stray from items that fall under the want category, because they start to feel greedy. Realistically, some of your guests will prefer these gifts.  Ideally, you should have a range of gifts, from quirky, to fun and practical, for your guests to choose from. So add those nice bath towels and paper towel holder, but also add a few board games and dinosaur succulent planters.


Limiting Your Price Range

When selecting items to go on a wedding registry, couples often reach a point when they become conscious of prices. Usually they feel that too many of their selections are “expensive”. First, know that there is no foul in having higher ticket items on your registry. However, a common mistake is not having enough smaller ticket items. You should have a solid mix of both affordable and pricier items, so that all of your guests are able to find an item within their budget.


Not Enough Items

It might seem impossible that your entire registry could be purchased, but it is possible, especially if you don’t put enough items on it to begin with. Some people think it’s enough to put one gift for every one guest. But what if a guest purchases more than one item? For example, three low ticket items. Now what? For every 100 guests you invite, have 125 items on your registry. In case you absolutely can’t think of anything else to add to your registry, allow guests to give money. Most registries now allow you to set up Honeymoon Funds or House Funds. Lastly, you should check in on your registry regularly leading up to the wedding. This way if the number of items starts to dwindle, you can add more.


Those are our tips! Let us know your favorite store to register at, as well as your favorite online registry! Did you score any big deals or rewards?