8 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip 

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8 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip 

Wedding traditions are all in good fun but usually have significant meanings. Some couples find traditions a little too old-school for their taste and prefer a more modern approach. Here are some wedding traditions that you can skip – if you want!

1. Choosing a Wedding Party

In 2020, the wedding industry was turned upside down. One shift that followed is that couples are opting not to have a wedding party. Instead, they are hosting all the traditional pre-wedding celebrations with family and friends and asking those same people to volunteer as hosts. In turn, their friends and family will still get to enjoy the same celebrations, but without the financial commitment, they would have as a bridesmaid or groomsman.

2. A Veil

While we love wedding veils, they’re not for everyone. Some might even consider them, as well as their origin, outdated. Plus, brides have a much wider variety of alternatives to choose from, including hair combs and headpieces such as embroidered clips and headbands. Some are even opting for capes, which look like a veil but sit at the collar and attach to their dress with clips.

3. The First Look

First looks can be magical, but they’re not everyone’s forte. Perhaps you’re a little too shy for such an intimate moment or you simply don’t believe in bad luck. Plenty of brides and grooms are breaking this and similar traditions. Some will share a room on the night of their wedding or get dressed for the big day right across the hall from one another.

4. Programs

Paper wedding programs have been the go-to for years but, in an attempt to save money, more and more couples are ditching them. Instead, they’re investing in one large display, to be strategically placed at their venue. The same treatment is often used for the wedding meal & bar menus.

5. Wedding Favors

Like wedding programs, wedding favors are often wasted. There’s a big risk that whatever favor you purchase for your guests might be left on the tables for you to clean up or even to toss in the trash. If you do choose to buy wedding favors, do so with caution. Consider items that are edible or functional. But if you don’t want favors, don’t stress. Treating your guests to your meal is enough.

6. Taking Your Husband’s Last Name

One of the most known wedding traditions is that a bride will take her groom’s last name, but you don’t legally have to! You can both opt to come up with an entirely new last name – if that’s what you want. Don’t feel pressured to take your husband’s last name if it isn’t what you want. Just don’t expect him to take yours either!

7. A Guest Book

There is an unlimited number of options when it comes to a wedding guest book, from a simple page for signatures to wildly creative alternatives, such as globes and vintage records. While these are unique ideas that will make for beautiful displays, you don’t have to have one. The truth is, most guest books will eventually be placed in a closet to collect dust. So consider whether you truly want one, or if you would rather use the money elsewhere.

8. The Cake Cutting

Since the cake will have to be cut eventually, there is no reason not to “cut it” yourself. Many couples are opting out of the formal cake tradition, simply because they aren’t having a wedding cake at all. Instead, they are treating guests to cupcakes, donuts, and all kinds of other handheld desserts.