What Order to Hire Your Wedding Vendors 

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What Order to Hire Your Wedding Vendors 

Did you know that there is a right and wrong order to hire your wedding vendors? You don’t need to hire all of your wedding vendors at once, rather, you need to hire them according to priority. Some vendors are in high demand, making it important that you secure them sooner rather than later. In addition, some vendors will impact other vendors you choose to hire – like finding a wedding photographer who knows how to shoot in the low light of a church. To help you stick to the wedding planning timeline and ensure you book the best vendors for your big day, here is the order to hire wedding vendors.

Book a Venue

A wedding venue is the top priority following your engagement! Popular venues can book out years in advance making it essential that you act fast. Schedule any and all tours for as soon as possible. Be sure to take into consideration the desired style and overall vibe you want to have at your wedding. This will come into play when you consider the existing style of and décor at a venue, as well as for the lighting.

Hire a Wedding Planner

This step depends on whether or not you intend to hire a wedding planner. If you do, you can hire one around the same time that you book a venue. Secure a planner early enough and they might be able to help you find a venue. But don’t wait around for a planner to book a venue. Finding the right planner for your wedding can take time and is something you don’t want to rush.

Secure a Photographer

Next up is your photographer – and videographer, if you want one. Like venues, photographers can book years in advance. After all, you can’t replicate any single photographer’s style, making them a hot commodity. Take your time when researching photographers and comparing the price point for the services provided. But as soon as you find your dream photographer, sign on the dotted line.

Book Your Caterers

Finding a caterer isn’t the biggest priority, because there are a lot of them. Usually if your preferred caterer isn’t available you can find another that offers a near identical menu. Still, aim to hire a caterer around nine to 10 months out from your wedding day – along with your cake baker, mobile bar, or mixologist!

Find a Florist

Around the same time that you look into a caterer, you can also start getting quotes from florists. At this point, you will likely start to feel the limitations of your budget, and florals are the easiest to adjust to accommodate these limitations. We recommend choosing a florist who is the most helpful when it comes to choosing alternative flowers or designs that will stretch your budget!

Hire Your Hair & Makeup Artists

Finding a hair and makeup artist can usually wait until a few months out from the wedding day. That is unless you are looking to hire a more in-demand hair or makeup artist, in which case hire them as soon as possible. Otherwise, this will be one of the last vendors to book, along with other beauty providers, like a tan specialist or lash tech.

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