What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

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What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

Walking down the aisle in a white dress is one of the most highly anticipated moments in a woman’s life. Seemingly just another dress, it means so much more. Symbolizing stability, security and lifelong loyalty, it is a nod to a new life with your partner. So what do you do with your wedding dress after the big day is over and done with?


Preserve and Store It

Once professionally cleaned, many brides prefer to keep their wedding dresses, due to the sentimental value. Many wedding dress stores offer preservation kits that include professional cleaning and storage. This is a great option if you are still unsure as to what you may do with your dress in the future, but don’t want to risk it becoming discolored or snagged with the rest of the clothes in your closet.


Repurpose It

Perhaps due to the rise of the DIY movement, wedding dresses are being repurposed more and more. The possibilities are endless as to what you can do or make with your wedding gown. From a christening dress, to a wedding garter, jewelry for future anniversaries and more. If you don’t particularly fancy cutting your dress up, you might also save it for your own children or other family members to consider wearing one day.


Donate It

Unless your dress is a complete wreck, we don’t recommend putting it on the curb. Wedding dresses are a big investment that not everyone has the resources or privilege to afford. If you have no sentimental ties to your dress, donate it and pass some joy on to another woman. There are plenty of organizations to choose from that may align with your personal views or passions.

Brides Across America – Your dress will be worn by military and first responder brides who are facing financial hardships, and could not otherwise afford a gown.

Brides Against Breast Cancer – Your dress will be available to purchase at a more affordable rate, the funds of which will be used for breast cancer causes.

Brides for a Cause – Your dress will be sold to fund women-focused charities.

Angel Gown Program – Your dress will be repurposed into infant gowns, free for families whose babies have passed while in the NICU.


Turn it Into Art

If you prefer a keepsake to remember the day, there are a number of ways that your dress can be turned into a unique piece of art. This could be a memory bear, Christmas ornaments, a quilt or pillow, a wreath, wall decor and so much more. Due to the size of wedding dresses you will likely be able to create more than one piece.


Trash It!

Tradition is fun, but seeing as your wedding day is all about you, why not highlight your personality. “Trash the Dress” photo shoots are a great way to get a second photo session out of your dress, plus some pizazz. Wear your dress to go mudding, cover it in vibrant paint, or even some wine, if that’s your thing. With the right photographer, it will make for both gorgeous and giggle-worthy images.


Sell It

The wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, made clear by the continuously rising cost. Wedding gowns and accessories can run anywhere from several hundred dollars, well into the thousands. Considering you will only wear this ensemble once, it makes sense that some might prefer to sell it for some cash back. This money can be utilized elsewhere, like towards your first home, rather than collecting dust in your closet.


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