What to Expect When Planning a Wedding

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What to Expect When Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning sparks excitement in most, and for good reason! However, it is a challenge to be won, and at times it can take a village. While we never want to scare couples, or sour their excitement, you should know what to expect when planning for your wedding day. Having this knowledge will allow you to mentally prepare, and cope better, so that you can revel in the experience. Keep reading to learn what you are likely to encounter during your wedding preparations. 

Expect to be Stressed

Stress is a natural part of wedding planning, and although you can combat it with diligence, it will never completely subside. You’re going to have to learn some new self-comforting tactics, but we promise you will come out stronger in the end. The phrase “it’s okay” will become your new best friend ‒ because it’s the truth; even though it won’t feel like it. If you have room in your budget, consider hiring a wedding planner. If not, designate someone in your life who is willing to conquer each step at your side (besides your spouse). At least with two people you can comfort each other. Right? In all seriousness, don’t spend too much time on the little things, and set aside some time for self-care. 

Overthinking Every Purchase

Spending is difficult for most people, especially when the money is coming straight from your own pocket. While you should have a budget and stick to it, do not let every purchase weigh on you mentally. This is why you laid out a budget, and as long as you stay firm, then there is no reason to add unnecessary stress. As previously mentioned, there will already be enough to go around. Go in with the knowledge that everything will be more expensive than you assumed, and then you will never be disappointed. Instead, you will be ecstatic when something costs less ‒ and you can splurge elsewhere.

Unwanted Opinions and Advice

One thing you will quickly learn when planning a wedding, is how much family and friends love to offer unsolicited advice. Your cousin, who for some reason is offensively wealthy at a young age, is going to peer-pressure you into buying crystal encrusted toasting glasses that you will only drink out of once in your lifetime. If that is your cup of tea, go for it! If not, you are well within your rights to ‒ politely ‒ say no. Do not feel like you have to appeal to everyone in your entourage. It’s a kindness to hear their advice, but whether or not you heed it is entirely up to you. It is your day, and the decisions are ultimately up to you as a couple.

Making Compromises

Keeping the previous expectation in mind, there are times that you should make an exception. For example, let’s say your grandmother has decided to pitch in a hefty amount for the wedding decor. You want to use silver vase centerpieces, and she insists that you use crystal. Sure, it’s not your first pick, but is it so substantial that you are willing to forgo her request? After all, she is kind enough to provide the moolah to make the majority of your decorating dreams a reality. The point is, learn to pick your battles, and have the ability to check yourself. Some people in your life are worth hearing out.

So Much Love

Easily misconstrued as overbearing, the people around you are offering so much advice and help, simply because they love you. When family and friends are willing to go out of their way for you, let them. This is their way of telling you that they care enough to be involved. After the wedding and honeymoon are over, be sure to let them know how appreciative you are. Give them a call, send a well-thought-out card, or take them out for dinner. These are the people you will want to have by your side, for the rest of your life.

Instant Relief

Wedding planning can seem like a never ending nightmare at times, but it will end, and the big day will arrive. When it does, you will be surprised by how little you actually care – because all that matters is your happiness, and it’s at the end of the aisle. 

At Pine Lake Ranch, our staff is here to make sure your day runs smoothly ‒ emotions included. We offer wedding packages tailored to your unique vision, and are happy to assist you in fulfilling each minute detail. Contact us today to set up a tour, or to inquire about our services.