What Your Engagement Ring Style Says About You

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What Your Engagement Ring Style Says About You

When your significant other goes shopping for an engagement ring, their first goal is to find a piece of jewelry you will love. More often than not, the style they select is reminiscent of your personality or appearance. What else could you ask for in a piece that you will wear for a lifetime? Keep reading to learn what your engagement ring style says about you!


Bezel Set Ring

An incredibly trendy setting, the second most popular in fact, a bezel ring is perfect for the modern and fashion savvy. Contemporary yet low profile, this style is chic yet effortless, as are many other aspects of your life. The band can be as simple as an outline of the center stone or as intricate as a spider’s web. In some cases, this produces an almost vintage vibe, especially with a gold band.


Colored Gemstone or Asymmetrical Band

Any gemstone that isn’t a diamond, and you have to be the artistic and creative type. Straying from the norm to something so unique requires a keen sense of style. You undoubtedly have a passion for life, and have no fear when it comes to being your authentic self. Especially popular are rings featuring onyx, rubies, emeralds or a combination of colored gems. In many instances, they are paired with a band of contrasting color.


A Halo

As if a center stone wasn’t already prominent enough, a halo setting will enhance it. Which is why this style is perfect for a glam gal, who loves all things gaudy. A statement piece in and of itself, you can even go for a double halo, a pave band, or both! No matter, the plethora of diamonds are sure to garner a lot of attention and will complement your sense of fashion. 


Diamond Solitaire

This sleek and simple style speaks of a feminine romantic. You are easy going, traditional, and have an appreciation for the classic style. A plain band and little to no embellishments will allow people to focus on the setting and center diamond. Other styles that are equally eye-catching, would be a pear-shaped, princess, or oval petite french cut diamond.


Three Stone Diamond

A three stone diamond ring is timeless, and well suited to a woman who is elegant, professional and sophisticated. It is neither over the top or too simple, and won’t get in the way of your work. Being symmetrical, it is also very eye-catching, as is the often large center diamond. If you prefer, you could also have all three diamonds be the exact same size.


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