Which Bridal Shoe Style Should You Choose

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Which Bridal Shoe Style Should You Choose

Ladies love their shoes! Now more than ever, shoes have become almost as important as a bride’s wedding dress. After all, you wear them for just as long, and depending on your dress, they will be seen. Learn about the various styles of shoes you should consider for your wedding day, based on your venue and personal style.


Before You Buy

Before purchasing any of the following, there are a few steps that come first. To start, you need to have your dress and venue. This will dictate the styles that are appropriate, and the ones that may lead to injury. You should also shop around. You may love the first pair your eyes land on, but chances are you will also love others. Finally, put your comfort first. While a beautiful pair of high heels are tempting, you will kick them to the curb the first chance you get if they are uncomfortable.


High Heels

As a great way to add height if you are relatively short, high heels are a popular choice. They are typically paired with formal wedding dresses, such as ball gowns, and can be plain or embellished. If you want to go big, Louboutins bridal heels are a popular choice. This style is not a good idea for weddings that will take place on a lawn, or in a space with slick floors. 


Low Heels

Low heels are a good idea for adding some height, while not being excessive. Low heels still provide a sexy, dressed up feel, without requiring as much energy to balance as a high heel. While it is slightly less likely that you will break an ankle, this style is still not recommended for lawns. If you want to prevent any tumbles, go with a more stable style.



If you want height, but need a style suitable for an outdoor venue or lawn, go with a wedge. They often have enough surface area that you won’t sink in the grass, or trip on gravel. Wedges are especially popular for brides who want comfort, if they plan on having to walk a lot. If you aren’t stuck on the traditional white color scheme, consider choosing a bold wedge for a pop of color.



Most brides don’t consider boots unless they have a country theme, leaving the style under-appreciated. However, boots are ideal for weddings that will take place during colder seasons, as well as outdoors. They will provide you with stability and traction, and protect your toes and ankles. Consider a solid white lace-up boot, or a more modern style, perhaps one that dons glitter.



If you are naturally tall, you are probably set on flats. This style is easy to find and comfortable for all terrains, not to mention cute. A flat is also the perfect shoe for a girl who frequently finds herself running around to socialize. Go for a glitter or rhinestone covered flat, or something more simple, like lace.



All comfort and still adorable, sneakers have been a trending wedding dress shoe for the past few years. Solid white or blinged out, they really make a statement. They also tell the crowd that you have come ready for the dance floor. Try a solid white pair of Nike’s, or something from the popular Kate Spade and Keds collaboration.



Some people claim that sandals are too casual, but we would disagree. Besides summer, they are ideal for any of the warm weather seasons or locations. If your dress is light and flowy, sandals would be an appropriate style to match. If you were to go with a heavier appearing shoe, you would likely feel and look a little weighed down.


After You Buy

Before swiping your card, be sure the shoes are refundable. Then try them on at home for a period of time – inside the house of course. If an hour passes and you can’t wait to get them off, then they are not right for a full day of hustling between locations and long periods of standing.


The shoes you choose can make or break your day, so choose wisely. At Pine Lake Ranch, we think you should feel comfortable, confident and beautiful on your wedding day. When you book a tour with us, bring a selection of the styles of shoes you are considering. As you walk throughout our breathtaking venue, you will get a feel for the styles that will work. Contact us to book a tour today!