Which Wedding Theme is Right For You?

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Which Wedding Theme is Right For You?

You are recently engaged and eager to start the wedding planning fun! Before you begin purchasing anything for your wedding, you and your fiance will want to agree on a theme. A theme is the inspiration your wedding is centered around, that will help dictate your decision on everything, from the venue, to the decorations and even your attire. Keep reading to learn about trending wedding themes, and which one may suit your personal style.



When you hear boho, you probably think of flowing dresses and earthy vibes, which is quite accurate. Bohemian themes are a combination of the romantic and minimalist theme, which turns out a bit ethereal. The color palate is light and mostly neutral, and the decorations are simple yet beautiful. 



If you love everything weathered and classic, a vintage theme is right up your alley. Spruce up your decor with old trinkets, and opt for linens that feature lace or a similarly delicate pattern. Use old mismatched chairs for your ceremony, and arrive at the reception in style via a classic car.



Details of a modern themed wedding can include a minimalistic approach, clean lines and geometric shapes. A color palette will often have a neutral base, like white or peach, paired with a bold color, such as royal blue. It can feature very traditional elements, yet has an overall contemporary feel.



Typically featuring delicate lighting and a pastel color palette, a romantic theme is all about creating an environment that is airy and soft. Nothing should be harsh, from your wedding dress to the type of font you use on signage. Think along the lines of calligraphy, flower walls and hanging lanterns.



For a whimsical wedding, think along the lines of Tim Burton’s Big Fish or Alice in Wonderland. This theme features quirky, mismatched decor and brilliant colors. You might choose similar hues, like pink, peach and orange, then throw in a bold turquoise. Consider using balloons, and over the top drapery or streamers.



An alternative theme is what you make of it, but typically features unique, non-traditional colors and decor. Often described as “moody”, the color palette is often dark, with black or amber hues. For decorations, you might use candles and glassware, and the florals often largely consist of greenery.


Rustic or Southern-Inspired

While these are two completely separate themes, they both have country roots. Whereas the rustic theme is more about creating a homey vibe, southern-inspired is about amping up the charm. For a rustic theme you might serve drinks out of mason jars, and for southern-inspired you should set out wine glasses.



This theme exudes luxury, and can be as elaborate as you feel necessary. For many, going full glam includes an overwhelming amount of flowers, jewel-embellished decor, drapery and professional lighting. Brides often use metallic tones such as silver or gold throughout, which should be consistent. Note that this theme usually comes with a high price tag.



This style focuses on making a statement with the bare minimum. For example, crisp decorations, a mostly white color palette and an abundance of greenery. The ceremony may take place under a tree rather than an arch, and the table settings are as simplified as possible. Not always, but sometimes, all of these choices revolve around being eco-friendly.


At Pine Lake Ranch, we love seeing the unique style of each of our couples come to life through their wedding theme. It speaks largely to both of your personalities, as well as your relationship as a whole. To get inspired, check out our gallery to see how other brides have decked out our venue to suit their personal taste. Then contact us to schedule a tour, or to book your wedding date.