Why Corporate Events Are Better at Pine Lake Ranch

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Why Corporate Events Are Better at Pine Lake Ranch

Are you considering arranging your corporate event at an inclusive, spacious, rustic location? If so then you need not look further, as Pine Lake Ranch offers the perfect place for your epic corporate events! Whether you are having a client conference, corporate party, board meeting, or team building event, we can assist you.


We start by understanding your company and your event requirements. We acknowledge the needs of modern businesses, and are glad to provide access to wireless internet for the attendees to meet your connectivity needs.


For example, by recommending time-tested vendors. If you are hosting an all day event, you are going to need food and beverages, and lots of it. We have seen all of our caterers in action, and feel confident in endorsing their services to our customers. They have proven their dedication to not only quality services, but maintaining positive customer experiences.


At Pine Lake Ranch, we are more than an event space. We intend to be a one-stop-shop for our clients, by improving and updating our venue according to demand. For this reason, we offer rentals for convenience and hassle-free event planning, including tables and chairs. And for businesses who like to create a social atmosphere, bar supplies and staff.


Most importantly, let’s not forget to have fun! Even a corporate event needs entertainment, especially if it includes a cocktail hour. We are excited to offer our clients access to a variety of up and coming artists, through local talent agency Grant Entertainment. Have another vendor in mind? That is fine too. Our clients are welcome to utilize our services, or book their own.


What kind of venue could possibly have room for all of the aforementioned services and entertainment? We assure you, our location is the optimal setting for large events. Our property is situated on 25-acres of open ground, and features a 6,500 square foot reception barn. This building is the ideal performance space for entertainers, while our open-air coral can be utilized for yard games.


At Pine Lake Ranch, your corporate event will be the one to remember! Our personalized services, combined with talented and experienced staff, allow us to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Contact us to inquire about availability and pricing, or to schedule a tour of our venue and amenities. Have an idea or requirement we haven’t mentioned? Reach out and run it by us. We are always looking for ways to improve on or grow our services to better suit our clients.