Will Your Wedding Venue Influence the Type of Event you Host?

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Will Your Wedding Venue Influence the Type of Event you Host?

The short answer is yes! The wedding venue that you select will influence the type of event that you host. When researching and/or touring venues, there are several factors to consider concerning the type of event you would like to create. The venue is like the foundation for your wedding, which you will build on top of. It is best to work with the venue that you choose rather than against it, which is why you should keep the following factors in mind when venue hunting:



To most people’s surprise, a wedding venue will impact the level of formality of an event. This can include the dress code and the type of decor, overall theme or vibe of the party. For a formal event you typically want a more neutral and clean space, that is elegant and timeless. Think museums or hotels. For a more casual event, you can get away with colorful and chaotic spaces, like barns or gardens. You wouldn’t try to pull off a rustic theme in a modern upscale venue.


Existing Decor

Take a look at the existing decor inside and around a potential venue. You might even ask if certain decor will be present on the day of your event, or if you can request that specific items be removed. Decor that can not be moved can conflict with your wedding decor, depending on the item or the style you are attempting to achieve. It will be much easier to choose a venue with decor that works with or won’t conflict with your decorations. For example, if you don’t enjoy wine or barrels, stay away from vineyards or breweries.


Color Schemes

Be sure to take into account the colors present at a wedding venue. You want to look for colors that will complement your palette or theme. For example, if you want a chic and airy event, you should avoid dimly lit venues. If you want a dark or moody vibe, then avoid a venue with lots of natural light. As for colors, avoid those that conflict. Say you have a lot of brown, you might avoid black. Or if you plan to feature a lot of color, you will want a venue with primarily neutral tones.



The size factor is so important. If you want a large event, you need a venue that is capable of hosting a large number of people. How many people a venue can hold should be one of the first questions you ask on a tour. And even then, you should take into account space and comfort. So if a venue says that they can accommodate 250 people, fine. But as you walk around the space, consider how 250 people will feel in the space. Will they be crowded? Is there room to roam? Would it feel claustrophobic?



In addition to decor, consider the location of the venue and the space around it. Is it located downtown in a large metro city? Or is it remote and in a rural setting? The answer will dictate the type of event you host. A more urban location is usually more upscale and social. Meanwhile a wedding that takes place in the countryside will come off more casual and intimate. 


At Pine Lake Ranch, we offer a secluded setting a short distance away from Houston. Comprised of 25 rolling acres, it includes a 6,500 square foot reception barn, a breathtaking ancient oak tree, and a string lit coral. It is the perfect venue for a modern barn wedding, a rustic glam or a boho themed affair. Contact us today with any questions or to book a tour!