Winter Wedding Inspiration

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Winter Wedding Inspiration

With a potential for snow and excitement for the rapidly approaching holidays, there is something extra magical about winter weddings. This season is one of joy that is only increased by the joining of two people’s lives. Whereas some people may believe that winter would present serious difficulties in terms of weddings, that is not the case. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular winter wedding trends of 2019, from icy decor to cozy clothing and crisp color palettes. 


Illuminated Trees

If you love the enchanting feeling that Christmas lights bring, why not bring the vibe to your wedding? Ditch the multicolored lights and opt for white strands and bulbs instead, for a more traditional wedding look. Wrap them around bare tree branches, string them to the ground for a backdrop, or line the aisle way. No matter what creative way you use them, they will no doubt bring a feeling of warmth to an otherwise chilly day.


Faux Fur and Velvet Accents

To add some warmth to your event, utilize cozy materials when possible, whether it is clothing or decor. Velvet makes for beautiful suit coats and dress shoes, as well as accessories like ties. You might even use it on furniture such as loveseats and dinner chairs. For the ladies, faux fur shawls are stunning for outdoor photographs and contrast nicely with solid color dresses. You could even place faux fur rugs in areas that will be used for seated socializing.


Frozen Florals

Flowers are a must for weddings, but how do you incorporate colorful florals into a season where they are almost nonexistent? Predicted as one of the hottest trends this year, frozen flower sculptures are expected to be a hit. They can be utilized for decor on buffet or drink tables, or crafted into ice buckets for champagne. For a statement centerpiece, freeze a single large rose into a solid block, and place it on a reflective cylindrical plate that will hold water as it melts.


Winter Foliage

If you prefer a more nature focused aesthetic, consider utilizing the winter foliage to your advantage. Pinecones make for nifty and sophisticated name card holders, as well as centerpieces. Pine leaves or branches, and holly, can be strewn across tables or fitted into glass vases for centerpieces. If you are handy enough, or know someone who is, you might craft an outdoor archway or backdrop out of pine branches.


Festive Garland

Winter garlands come in a variety of styles and colors, and can be plain or feature beautiful baubles. With this in mind, they make for convenient and easy to set up decor. Place several garlands along tables for a centerpiece, or pin them along table fronts. For the outdoors, you could attach them to archways, or string them along the aisle. If your guests have a ways to walk before reaching the event space, use them to create a simple makeshift fence.


Hot Cocoa Bar

Nothing tastes better in the winter time than a sugary hot cup of cocoa. Set up a cart indoors or out, depending on whether or not you mind that people grab a cup for the ceremony. Get creative by providing various flavors, as well as toppings, from whip cream to candy canes and the classic marshmallow. If you have the cart outside, make sure it is on rolling wheels for an easy transition indoors.


Winter Color Palettes

Before you start purchasing decor, you will want to have a color palette picked out. The following are a few beautiful color combinations, with options for a more festive or down to earth winter celebration.

  1. Wine, cream, emerald and navy.
  2. Black and burgundy.
  3. Forest green, cream, olive and sage.
  4. Various shades of blue ranging from dark to light, silver and dark grey.
  5. Sunset orange, wine, cream and brown.


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