Foods to Avoid Before Your Wedding Day – Includes Texas Favorites

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Foods to Avoid Before Your Wedding Day – Includes Texas Favorites

You’ve spent hours searching for the perfect hairstyle on Pinterest. You’ve invested hundreds of dollars in a makeup artist who works magic. And your day-of attire has been lovingly tailored to fit like a glove.

Everyone wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day, but here’s the big secret: When it comes to your wedding day appearance, what’s inside matters just as much as what’s outside. In other words, you’ll want to watch what you eat and drink in the days leading up to your nuptials!

Why You Should Avoid Certain Foods Before Your Wedding

Most people know the foods that don’t agree with them, but it’s easy to ignore your gut when you know you have plenty of time to recover on the couch. But on your wedding day? Nobody has time for energy crashes and water retention!

Simply put, you have to feel your best if you want to look your best. As your wedding day nears, that means cutting out foods that cause sluggishness, bloating, and acne. (Your makeup artist is a whiz, but that doesn’t mean you should test their skills with an unwelcome blemish!)

And, of course, you’ll want to maintain the perfect fit for your dress. You don’t want to bust a seam because of bloating, but you also don’t want to eat so little that your dress feels loose. This is not a time for crash diets or fasting cleanses; just mind your sensitivities and stick to healthy foods!

Foods to Avoid Before Your Wedding

The wrong food choices can have a major impact on our bodies, so it’s wise to pay attention to what you consume as your wedding date closes in.

General Foods to Avoid

Here are some foods to avoid to help you look (and feel!) your best from the rehearsal to the honeymoon.


You saw this one coming, right? Sugar causes inflammation in the body, inside and out. Plus, it can confuse your appetite and increase unhealthy cravings. And for the diet soda lovers, this rule goes for artificial sweeteners as well. After all, they’re created to trick your brain into thinking it’s sugar — so you’ll end up with the same cravings either way.

If your sweet tooth won’t quiet down, opt for healthy fruits instead. A banana, a handful of berries, or an apple with peanut butter can stop the craving (and provide valuable nutrients). You can also have a delicious glass of cold orange juice — just make sure it doesn’t come with added sugars hidden in the ingredients!

Alcohol and Carbonated Beverages

What’s a wedding week without a bottle (or two…or three) of champagne? While you might love the idea of going out for a “last hurrah” with friends, alcohol weakens the digestive system and can cause discomfort and bloating. Not to mention the dreaded hangover you want to avoid!

As for carbonated beverages, sodas and sparkling waters increase gas and bloating — not to mention unbelievable amounts of sugar (see the last point!). Like alcohol, carbonation can impact your digestion, too. Just wait until the reception and you can go to town! Rum and coke, anyone?

Spicy Foods

Who doesn’t expect a little spiciness during their wedding week? In this case, it’s best to leave the spice for the wedding night! Delicious as they are, spicy foods are not your friend — especially when you want to feel your best on the biggest day of your life.

Acid reflux, heartburn, bad breath, and indigestion are just the beginning of the side effects — spicy foods can also mess with your sleep quality. It’s best to avoid it unless you want to show up to the ceremony, sleep-deprived and popping Tums like candy.

Cruciferous Veggies

We know what you’re thinking: “So I can’t have healthy food either!?” That’s not what we’re saying! You can (and should) enjoy a rainbow of fresh and cooked veggies before your wedding, but it’s best to leave out cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, kale, arugula, brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

While healthy, these veggies are extremely high in fiber and can make you gassy (especially when consumed raw). Enough said, right? That goes for any high-fiber diet, so be mindful of your intake during your wedding week.

Fried and Processed Foods

How can anyone expect you to manage pre-wedding stress without a healthy dose of french fries and doughnuts? While convenient and delicious, fried and processed foods are often packed with sugar, trans fats, and other nasty ingredients that will make you feel less than spectacular on your big day.

Yes, they make your tastebuds happy. But fried and processed foods are hard for our bodies to break down, which will manifest in the form of low energy levels and an upset stomach. No thanks! Plus, depending on how your body reacts, it can also make your wedding gown feel a bit more snug around the middle. So maybe save the guilty pleasures for the honeymoon and beyond!

Coffee and Other Sources of Caffeine

Coffee is more than a guilty pleasure — for some, it’s a lifeline to the living. Caffeine regularly appears in bridal emergency kits, and it’s for just that: emergencies. While caffeinated drinks can help you keep your eyes open, they are dehydrating and lead to a killer headache when you crash.

Instead, try some hot herbal tea. Pick some caffeine-free teas, like those with lavender or chamomile, which offer the added benefit of a de-stresser! By getting a solid night’s sleep, you can also help kick caffeine cravings. And if you have to squeeze in a cup of joe, remember that it is not a replacement for good, old-fashioned H2O. Be sure to hydrate with extra water!


Wait – it’s a trap! Granola is often considered a quick, easy, and healthy choice. Unfortunately, it’s too good to be true. Store-bought granola is packed with carbs and sugars, which will cause your insulin levels to spike and lead to even more cravings. Plus, they can wreak havoc on your waistline.

Instead, opt for a healthy trail mix, containing vitamins, protein, healthy fats and fiber. If you need your granola fix, head over to Pinterest to find a DIY recipe and control your intake. And if you want, a pinch of dark chocolate won’t hurt!

High-Sodium Foods

Salt is good for you, but only in moderation. When consumed in high amounts, it can cause some gnarly side effects. For soonlyweds in particular, sodium can cause you to retain water weight and feel bloated. That means that once-comfortable wedding dress may feel a little too tight. Limit your salt intake and snack mindfully — don’t go near the chips!

Texas Favorites to Avoid

Texas is home to many scrumptious delicacies, but some aren’t a good fit for your wedding week. So as you’re counting down the days, it’s smart to begin cutting some of these out of your diet (for now, at least!):

Sweet Tea

This Southern favorite is chockful of sugar, so it’s best to avoid it as your wedding day nears. Swap it with water, (unsweetened) herbal tea, or fresh-squeezed juice without additives.

Fried Foods

Unfortunately, you’ll need to take a break from greasy faves like fried chicken, okra, hush puppies, and apple fritters. Otherwise, you might end up with skin breakouts, digestive problems, and discomfort.

Fatty Meats

Barbecued meats are a Texas staple, but you may want to put down the ribs and opt for BBQ chicken instead. Fattier cuts like beef brisket, steak, and pork belly will cause bloating and may risk how your dress fits on the big day.

Fast Food

Who doesn’t love grabbing lunch at Chick-Fil-A? While you might value convenience during your busy wedding week, fast food will leave you feeling worse for wear. Skip the drive-thru and opt for fresh and healthy meals.

The Best Foods To Eat Before Your Wedding

Now that we’ve explore the types of food to avoid before your big day, let’s fill in your Texas wedding week meal plan with healthy and nutritious options!

Colorful vegetables

Eating the rainbow isn’t just for Skittles; it’s a wise way to approach the grocery store’s produce section! Every color signifies a pigment with nutritional value, like an orange carrot’s beta-carotene or blueberries’ anthocyanin — so make sure you’re diversifying your veggie selection.

Note: Just make sure to skip the cruciferous family, as mentioned above. Instead, opt for greens that are softer on your stomach, like spinach, romaine, wheatgrass, and fresh herbs.

Lean proteins

You’ll need to maintain your energy to keep up with the hustle of your wedding week, so don’t forget to fuel yourself with high-protein meals! For now, avoid proteins that are high in saturated fat—like red meat—and highly-processed proteins, like bacon or deli meat.

Instead, fill your plate with lean choices like fish, chicken, turkey, beans, and tofu. These will help you sustain energy while feeling light and ready to knock out those last to-dos.

Gut-friendly foods

If you want to avoid bloating on your wedding day, you need to keep your digestion strong — and it’s best to start days in advance! Fill your fridge with yummy probiotics with healthy bacteria to keep your gut clean.

Opt for fermented foods, like sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt, kefir, pickles, and miso. Note: While kimchi is a popular source of probiotics, it’s best to save this tasty, garlic-laden dish for after the wedding!

Whole grains

Whole grains are packed with vitamins and minerals, which will help you look and feel your best in the days leading up to your wedding. Not only do they help manage appetite, but they’re also great for lowering blood pressure — so you can say goodbye to those pre-wedding jitters!

Plus, whole grains are quality prebiotics, which fuel probiotics in stabilizing your gut’s microbiome. So instead of filling up on empty carbs like pasta and white grains, focus on eating grains like whole wheat, oats, quinoa, buckwheat, and brown rice.

Healthy fats

While saturated and trans fats are on the do-not-eat list, you don’t want to leave out fats altogether! Healthy unsaturated fats can reduce inflammation while keeping you full and satiated. They can also help you absorb vitamins efficiently, which is vital for everything from your energy levels to hair texture!

Healthy fats can also be a great source of omega-3s, which keep your brain sharp and your skin clear — two things you’ll definitely want on your wedding day. Choose full-fat foods like avocados, nuts, seeds, fish, and oils.

The Best Foods to Eat the Night Before Your Wedding

You’ll need your energy for the big day, so make sure to enjoy a well-balanced meal on the night before your wedding. Think of your last pre-wedding meal as your first task of the wedding day (even though it’s the evening prior!) — the same way you’ll want to prep for the occasion with your go-to skincare routine and a good night’s rest.

Here are some foods that will have you feeling incredible on your big day:

  • Fresh salads topped with lean protein
  • Hearty grain bowls packed with veggies
  • Vegetable crudités with hummus, yogurt dip, or vinaigrette
  • Salmon filets with steamed veggies and whole grains

And what to avoid…

Perhaps more important than what you eat is what you should avoid the night before your wedding. Leave these foods off the menu:

  • Dairy-heavy meals, like pizza or fettuccine alfredo
  • Fried foods, like mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and other bar snacks
  • Garlicky dishes, like kimchi or pasta aglio e olio
  • Sodium-rich snacks, like potato chips, peanuts, and pretzels

And it might go without saying, but save the alcohol consumption for your signature cocktail! While a glass of wine at the rehearsal dinner probably won’t hurt, any more can leave you with puffy eyes, bloating, and a nasty headache the next morning. Better safe than sorry, right?

Foods to Snack On While Getting Ready

It’s here! Your wedding day is finally here. You’ve watched your meals for the past week and you’re feeling like a rockstar — but you’re also ready to wash some cake down with a glass of champagne!

Before you can think about dessert, pay attention to what you eat and drink as you’re getting ready for your wedding. Too often, couples get so caught up in the busyness that they forget to have breakfast or lunch — and an empty stomach does not pair well with a bundle of nerves and an open bar.

So, most importantly, make sure to eat and hydrate during the morning of your wedding! But remember to keep it light and refreshing to feel your best. Pine Lake Ranck has a full sized refrigerator and freezer in the Bridal Suite, so consider noshing on these snacks to keep you and your wedding party well nourished and healthy before the ceremony:

  • Avocado toast
  • Yogurt and granola
  • Fresh fruits
  • Tea sandwiches
  • Smoothies (or smoothie bowls)

In terms of beverages, be sure there is plenty of water to go around! You can even add some flavor with cucumber slices, berries, or citrus fruits. And yes, you are welcome to indulge in some mimosas with your wedding party — but don’t overdo it. (Maybe pour more OJ than champagne, just this once?)

Avoid going overboard with caffeinated drinks, too. There’s nothing wrong with your usual morning coffee or tea, but doubling up can leave you feeling jittery on a day already filled with nerves.

More Tips for Looking and Feeling Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Beyond your wedding week diet, here are a few other ways to feel amazing on your big day:

  • Develop a healthy water habit. Proper hydration is essential every day, but especially when you’re tying the knot in front of your loved ones! Not only will it help you maintain your energy levels and keep headaches at bay, but it’s also a key part of your beauty routine. Water nourishes your skin, nails, and hair, ensuring you look and feel fresh and full of life. Plus, it supports digestion and prevents bloating so your dress fits just as it should.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. It’s hard to enjoy your big day when your feet are screaming! Comfortable shoes are a must, especially for outdoor weddings. No matter your size or weight, being on your feet all day can cause swelling in your ankles and feet. Don’t worry, you can still wear those fab stilettos down the aisle! Just make sure to have a pair of backup shoes on hand, and don’t forget to take breaks to sit and relax.
  • Bring an extra layer. While it might go without saying for winter weddings, make sure to pack an extra layer in case you get cold — and that goes for any wedding. A cute shawl or stole can keep you comfortable, even if the air conditioner is on full blast! Stash it at your seat or give it to your planner to keep on-hand in case you need it when the sun goes down.
  • Let go of wedding stress. Stress doesn’t look good on anyone, including you. If you’re worrying about timeline delays and day-of imperfections, it will show in your wedding photos! Let your team of professionals take over quality management, so you can relax and let your beauty shine!

When you invest in your health and well-being before your Texas wedding, you can show up and enjoy your celebration with loved ones fully. Leave the bloat, fatigue, and acne behind by watching what you eat (and drink!), and get ready to feel your best on your #BestDayEver!

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