Which Wedding Theme is Right For You?

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Which Wedding Theme is Right For You?

You are recently engaged and eager to start the wedding planning fun! Before you begin purchasing anything for your wedding, you and your fiance will want to agree on a theme. A theme is the inspiration your wedding is centered around, that will help dictate...

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Wedding Workout: Getting Fit for Your Big Day

There is no denying that everyone wants to look and feel their best for the day of their wedding. For many, this means losing weight or getting into better shape. Any form of self improvement can seem impossible, but it is mostly about motivation and...

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What Your Engagement Ring Style Says About You

When your significant other goes shopping for an engagement ring, their first goal is to find a piece of jewelry you will love. More often than not, the style they select is reminiscent of your personality or appearance. What else could you ask for in...