Pros & Cons: Children At Weddings

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Pros & Cons: Children At Weddings

As you create a guest list for your wedding, you are likely to encounter friends or family with children. For some couples, having children in attendance is a no brainer. For others, it can be a serious debate. Children are fun and also important members...


In-Style: Groom Fashion Trends

When it comes to dressing your groom the options are endless! Two things are certain, however: 1) Your groom should be comfortable, and 2) Your groom should be allowed to showcase as much of his personality as the bride. To help you and your husband-to-be...

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The 2021 Color Trends We’re Swooning Over

As 2021 nears, couple’s planning their weddings for the near future will need to consider a color scheme. It is one of the first tasks to complete, before you can start ordering decor, bridesmaid dresses, and more! To help inspire you, check out some of...